What Is Physical Fitness

Physical fitness includes the performance of the heart and lungs and the muscles of the body, and since what we do with our bodies also affects what we do with our minds, fitness to some extent affects the quality of mental awareness and emotional stability.

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things for your health Being physically active can improve your brain health, help with weight management, and reduce your risk of disease. Can strengthen bones and muscles and the ability to function daily Functionality may improve.

For the human body, physical fitness is a delicate engine that enables us to perform to the best of our ability Fitness can be described as a state of mind that helps us look, feel and perform at our best.

Physical fitness includes the performance of the body's heart and lungs and the body's muscles, and since what we do with our bodies affects what we do with our minds, fitness refers to certain qualities such as mental alertness and emotional stability.

What Is Physical Fitness
 Physical Fitness

Physical fitness refers to the ability of your body systems to allow you to stay healthy and perform activities of daily living. Being efficient means performing daily activities with minimum effort A fit person is able to complete schoolwork, handle household responsibilities, and still have enough energy to enjoy sports and other leisure activities. A fit person can respond effectively to normal life situations, such as growing leaves at home, stocking shelves at a part-time job, and marching in a marching band to school. A fit person can also respond to emergencies - for example, running to get help or helping a friend in distress.

What Is Physical Fitness

Physical fitness consists of 11 parts - 6 of which relate to health and 5 to skills. All parts are important for good performance in physical activity, including sports, but these 5 health-related exercises are said to be beneficial to physical fitness because scientists in kinesiology have shown that they can reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve health. Health and Wellness These components of fitness are body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance, strength and power. They also help to function effectively in daily activities.

As the name suggests, skill-related physical fitness components help you perform better in sports and other activities that require motor skills. For example, speed helps you in sports like track and field These components of physical fitness are also health-related but have less health-related components For example, balance, agility and coordination help prevent falls in older adults. a major health concern), and reaction time is associated with increased risk of automobile accidents Each component of physical fitness is further described in the following two dimensions: the six components of health-related fitness and the five components of skill-related fitness.

Physical Fitness Health-Related

Think of a runner who can run long distances without getting tired; Thus he has good fitness in at least one area of ​​health-related physical fitness, but is he good in all six areas? Running is an excellent form of physical activity, but being a runner does not guarantee fitness in all areas of health-related physical fitness. As a runner, you may be fitter in some areas of fitness than others So ask yourself how fit you are in that area.

Fit Fact

Strength, formerly classified as the ability-related part of fitness, is now classified as the health-related part of fitness. A report published by the Independent Institute of Medicine provides evidence of a link between physical fitness and health. The report shows that energy is associated with well-being, a higher quality of life, reduced risk of chronic disease and early death, and bone health. Strength and activity that improves strength has also been shown to be important for healthy bones in children and adolescents.

How do you think you rate in each of the 6 health-related areas of wellness? To stay healthy, you must be fit for each of the six elements Perfectly fit people are less likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, colon cancer or low body fat levels. You will learn more about the state in other chapters of this book Physically fit people also enjoy good health They feel better, look better and have more energy to enjoy better health and wellness and to be physically fit. You don't need to To be a great athlete to be physically fit Regular physical activity can improve one's health-related physical fitness.

Physical Fitness Skill-Related

Just as the runner in our example may not score high on all components of physical fitness related to health, he may not score equally well on all components of physical fitness related to skills. Although most sports require several components of fitness related to skill, different sports may require different components. For example, a skater may have good agility but lack good reaction time People have more natural abilities in some areas than others If you score in the skill-related portion of physical fitness, you can enjoy any type of physical activity.

Remember, good health does not come from good fitness for skill-related physical fitness It comes from activities designed to improve your fitness-related physical well-being and can be enjoyed by both elite athletes and the people you love. Those who consider themselves poor Athletes.

As mentioned earlier, health-related fitness offers two-fold benefits It not only helps you stay healthy but also helps you perform better in sports and other activities For example, it helps in improving heart health And helps you perform better in sports like swimming and cross country running Similarly, strength helps you perform better in sports like soccer and wrestling, muscular endurance is important in soccer and tennis, flexibility in sports like gymnastics and diving, and strength helps in tasks like the discus throw and long jump. Having a healthy amount of body fat makes your body more efficient at many functions.


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