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What Is Orange Theory

Orange Theory is a 1-hour, full-body workout focusing on endurance, strength and/or power training. While wearing our heart rate monitor, your real-time results are displayed on the studio's large screen Intensity is based on your individual heart rate zone, making exercise effective for all fitness levels To top it off, our fitness coaches will lead workouts to keep you from over or under training.

The Orange Theory is 5 zone heart rate based interval training using specifically designed and timed interval training blocks. During a workout, members focus on zones 3, 4 and 5, designed to produce 12 minutes or more in zones 4 and 5 combined (accomplished after burning) during the treadmill training portion of workouts.

We ask that in order to meet your fitness goals, you arrive 30 minutes before your first class to get set up on our heart rate monitoring system and to be introduced to your fitness coach.

Orange Theory uses a combination of high intensity interval training and traditional cardio to help members reach their fitness goals whether it's weight loss, strength or endurance.

What Is Orange Theory
What Is Orange Theory

Orange Theory is a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group exercise designed to produce results from the inside out. The hardest part of our workouts is showing that we make it simple for you to push yourself, be your personal best and give yourself more. More results more confidence More Life is more than a gym Because you shouldn't live to exercise You must exercise to survive.

What Is Orange Theory?

Orange Theory is a fitness franchise with more than 1,275 locations across the United States, over 100 locations in Canada, and many more globally.

Their 60-minute classes are known for combining high-intensity interval training HIIT with intense cardio sessions.

These classes are based on the theory of peak post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which is an increase in metabolism after high-intensity exercise to support recovery 8/24 hours later.

Therefore, their classes are based on five zones, which correspond to your maximum heart rate

  • Gray Zone (50–60% MHR). It is a light activity that is relaxing and not strenuous.
  • Blue Zone (61–70% MHR). It's a warm-up activity that's still comfortable and easy to do but gets your blood flowing.
  • Green Zone (71–83% MHR). This is known as your base speed You should be able to do this activity for 20 minutes without completely out of breath.
  • Orange Zone (84–91% MHR). Known as the orange effect or afterburn, this includes high-intensity exercise that can mimic EPOC. Ideally, you should aim to stay in this zone for at least 12 minutes during a 60-minute class.
  • Red Zone (92–100% MHR). It is supposed to be all your efforts You may need to stop after a minute or two.

The Orange Theory has earned a reputation for high-intensity, calorie-scoring workouts that prioritize exercise that will keep you in the green, orange, and red zones for most of your workout.

What to expect in an Orange theory class

You need to arrive at least 30 minutes before your first Orange Theory class to fill out some standard paperwork, discuss your health and fitness goals, get set up on their heart rate monitor and go over some general safety protocols.

A unique aspect of Orange Theory is their proprietary heart rate monitor, known as 0Tbeat. You use it to measure your heart rate to make sure you hit your orange and red zones in each class.

In fact, your heart rate is posted on a screen at the front of the class to help you keep track of how long you've been in each zone. Ideally, you want to earn 12 splat points, which equates to one splat per minute in the orange and red zones.

While classes vary, they are generally divided into three components: rowing, cardio and strength training.

First, the rowing machine prioritizes muscular strength, endurance, and power It helps get your heart rate up while targeting 85 % muscles for a full-body workout.

Next, you do interval cardio, usually on a treadmill, at different speeds, elevations, and recovery times. If you can't use a treadmill, you can choose another cardio machine, such as an exercise bike.

Finally, an open floor area for strength training This can include a variety of activities, such as bodyweight exercises, weight training, or other floor exercises.

During class, your instructor will take you through five phases (zones 1/5), with the goal of achieving at least 12 minutes in the orange and red zones during the 60-minute class.

Remember that no two classes are the same in orange theory This means that the class you did on Monday will not be the same as the one you did on Thursday But they all follow the same general format.

Benefits of Orange theory, according to a trainer

There are many benefits to attending an orange theory class.

Full body workout

Orange theory classes are great for people looking for a full-body workout.

Classes include cardio and full body strength training It's ideal for busy people who want to get the most out of their 60-minute workout class.

In addition, high-intensity exercise can be a great way to build your cardio respiratory fitness, which is important for performance and reducing the risk of chronic disease.

Burns a lot of calories

A 60-minute orange theory class can burn an impressive 500/1000 calories.

During high-intensity exercise, you expend a lot of energy To do this, your body burns calories to support your activity The number of calories you burn depends on many factors such as your body size, gender assigned at birth, fitness level. and exercise intensity.

For example, a 170-pound (77-kg) person will burn about 269 calories in 20 minutes on a rowing machine, 207 calories in 6 minutes, and 154 calories in 20 minutes of intense weight training. , for a total of 680 calories.

Additionally, you can burn extra calories if you spend at least 12 minutes in the orange and red zones during exercise.

A lot of variety

If you're one of the many people who can't stand doing the same exercise over and over again, you'll probably love Orange Theory classes.

Each class is unique, and no two workouts are the same, meaning you'll be challenged in a new way every time you step foot in the gym, which can be very motivating.

Your effort is personal

What is considered high intensity for one person may not be for another Your maximum heart rate is unique to you and is based on your fitness level, age, experience and other factors.

The 0Tbeat heart rate monitor can tell you which zone you are in and whether you need to increase or decrease the intensity.

This means that one person can be in the orange zone by climbing a sling and another can reach it by driving it. Overall, you can tailor the workout to your needs, and the coach can help guide you through it.

You can track your progress

With the 0-bit score displayed on the screen in class, you can connect your heart rate monitor to the Orange Theory app.

It can help you track your progress and other metrics, such as calories burned, split points, average heart rate, average maximum heart rate, and time in each zone.

Plus, you can join monthly challenges and sign up for classes from your phone.

You can tailor your workout to your needs

If you have a limitation or want to exclude an exercise, your trainer will provide modified exercises or alternatives.

Exercising in a group can be motivating

Because Orange Theory is a group fitness class, you'll reap the benefits of group exercise: accountability, community, and motivation.

Orange Theory is a great option for those who like the idea of ​​group exercise but prefer a dance style aerobics class.

Drawbacks of Orange theory, according to a trainer

Before trying the orange theory class, you can consider some of its major drawbacks.

It’s expensive

Orange Theory class is not for those on a budget.

Although prices and membership packages may vary by franchise, most franchises offer three main packages:

  • Basic: 4 classes per month for $59 (average price)
  • Elite: 8 classes per month for $99 (average price)
  • Premier: unlimited classes for $159 (average price)

If you have a basic or elite membership, you will have to pay about $28 if you want to attend an additional class. But if you want to try before you buy, you can join the first class for free.

On top of that, you have to buy a heart rate monitor, which costs $69/$129 depending on the model. Alternatively, you can rent it for $5/10 per class If you are not committed to Orange Theory in the long term, renting may be a better option soon.

Finally, you have to sign up for classes, and they fill up quickly If you wish to cancel, you must do so approximately 8 hours prior to the start of the class Otherwise, you will be charged $10/12 Will be taken depending on the location.

Keep in mind that while you may be able to get a gym membership for less than $10 a month elsewhere, Orange Theory classes can be expensive and not available to everyone.

You may not achieve specific goals

If you have specific performance or fitness goals, taking Orange Theory classes may not be right for you.

Let's say your focus is on bodybuilding and you want to build enough muscle. To build muscle, you want to prioritize strength training exercises that use enough resistance and rep ranges that work you until you're close to failure.

You'll also want to practice progressive overload, which means increasing the weight or rep range over time. Because each Orange Theory class is different, you won't be able to track your progress.

So, if you want to achieve more goals than weight loss or heart rate, you may benefit from other exercise programs.


Orange Theory is a fitness franchise that offers 60-minute high-intensity exercise classes. Their classes are based on achieving different zones, or heart rates, which help burn extra calories.


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