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Havana Syndrome Report Links Mystery Illness to Russian Intelligence Unit

Havana Syndrome Report Links Mystery Illness to Russian Intelligence Unit

Havana Syndrome Report Links Mystery Illness to Russian Intelligence Unit

In recent years, an enigmatic illness affecting American diplomats has been linked to a Russian intelligence unit. Around the world, deployed personnel have reported vague symptoms akin to vertigo, collectively termed the "Havana Syndrome."

According to investigations by The Insider, Der Spiegel, and CBS's 60 Minutes, these individuals might have been targeted by Russian sonic weapons. Moscow has denied these allegations. Initially, US officials doubted the involvement of foreign powers. However, in their Assessment of "Anomalous Health Incidents" (AHIs) released last year, they failed to provide an alternative explanation, leaving affected individuals disheartened.

American authorities acknowledged discrepancies in assessments among various intelligence agencies. The term "Havana" originates from the Cuban capital, where the first case was reported in 2016, though a recent report suggests the first case might have occurred in Germany two years earlier. Cases have surfaced from Washington to China.

Recently, the Pentagon disclosed that a senior defense official participating in NATO summit meetings in Lithuania last year experienced symptoms resembling the Havana Syndrome. Affected American personnel, including White House, CIA, and FBI staff, have reported dizziness, headaches, concentration difficulties, and complaints of intense, painful noises in their ears.

Over a thousand reports of the mysterious illness have been filed, with dozens still officially classified as unclear. US lawmakers have passed laws to support victims. However, a study by the National Institute of Health published last month revealed that MRI scans failed to detect evidence of brain injuries among dozens of affected American personnel referred by the AHI.

For a long time, suspicions lingered that affected individuals were targeted by directed energy or concealed devices emitting microwave, a theory previously acknowledged in American intelligence reports. In recent media investigations, a specific Russian military intelligence unit, known as Unit 29155, has been accused of targeting American diplomats' brains with "directed energy" weapons.

It's claimed that evidence shows unit members were in various cities around the world at times when American personnel reported incidents. The covert unit has been linked to foreign operations and events, including the attempted poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Britain in 2018.

As part of the investigation, The Insider, a Russia-centric site, reported that an officer of Unit 29155 was rewarded for his work related to the development of "non-lethal sonic weapons." An American military investigator examining examples of the syndrome told 60 Minutes that a common thread among the syndrome's victims was "Russian fingerprints."

Greg Edgreen stated, "There were instances where they were working against Russia, they were focusing on Russia, and they were performing very well." He also noted that the official American evidence was heavily redacted to show Russian involvement, as their country "didn't want to face some very hard truths."

In response to media investigations, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated, "No one has ever published or expressed any concrete evidence of these unsubstantiated allegations. Therefore, all these unsubstantiated allegations are nothing more than that."

One victim of the syndrome, an FBI agent known as Kerry, told 60 Minutes about being attacked by a powerful force in her Florida home in 2021. She described, "Boom, in my right ear, it was like a dentist drill on steroids." "You know that feeling when it gets really close to the membrane of your eardrum? It's like that, times 10."

The woman, whose real name is withheld, eventually succumbed to her injuries, experiencing memory and concentration problems later on. Responding to the report, US officials told CBS News they would "continue to investigate the intricacies of the anomalous health incidents" but reiterated their stance that "it's highly unlikely a foreign adversary is responsible."

However, they stated they had not questioned the real experiences and symptoms reported by our allies and their family members, prioritizing such incidents. John Bolton, who served as Donald Trump's national security adviser, described the new allegations as "very worrisome." He told CNN, "I don't think the government, to be honest, took it seriously when I was there. I don't think they've taken it seriously since."

However, a top Trump ally, Republican Senator Josh Hawley, dismissed the report, writing on Twitter, "Seems like a lot of reporters have lost their minds."


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