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What Is Apple Fitness

What Is Apple Fitness

Apple Fitness the brand you know and love is back with a new name — but what does this mean? How can we get to know it better? Let’s find out now.

Apple has been the leader of smartwatches in more than 70 countries around the world for nearly all of its history. But that isn’t going anywhere, as today Apple continues to develop and launch wearable products, such as the iPhone X, MacBook Air, iPod Touch and iPad Pro, among others. However, Apple Fitness is only coming from the company’s Cupertino headquarters. Will it be enough for the market or not? Let’s get to know more about this platform.

What Is Apple Fitness
What Is Apple Fitness

Apple Fitness Overview

As per our research, the first product that launched under the watch label for Apple was the first fitness trackers, called “Apple Watch Series 3”. With an extensive collection and wide range of features, they were highly beneficial to users. All models come with sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring, including blood oxygen level measurement, which are essential in terms of diagnosing patients with chronic diseases. Most importantly, these devices come preinstalled with high-definition heart rate sensors that allow users to keep tabs on their personal health metrics, without having to charge them every day. And since then, Apple has expanded the list of offerings by introducing different watches, which include:

iPhone — with the latest series of iPhones, customers enjoyed seamless integration into their lives. You could easily set reminders and control your calendar items within the app. Additionally, notifications such as incoming calls and messages and incoming texts were always available, even when you weren’t using your phone. This helped people maintain accountability towards their healthy lifestyles. These days, it is almost impossible to imagine life without any Apple device.

iPad — This time, instead of launching a standalone tablet, Apple decided to partner with iPad owners via iHealth. They were given access to Apple devices in order to view information related to health, nutrition and fitness as well as other useful data from the Health app. If you have one of those iPads, you can use it to check your calorie count on the go. You even receive personalized suggestions based on your daily activity so that you don’t run out of things to do at home. For example, if you want to add 20 minutes of walking to your routine, your body will immediately recognize this goal and make sure you keep moving. Not only that, all your fitness goals will be measured from start to finish of each day within each workout session. It’s also great to have all your workouts available online so that no matter how far away we might be, we can still exercise on demand. Of course, there are some restrictions on the usage of this tool, as you need to download both iOS and iPad OS apps in order to access the full functionality of this program.

iWatch — Users of watchOS 6, had to wait until now. This time, you will be able to enjoy a much more comprehensive list of workouts, which is why it made sense to launch this collection for Apple Watch. There is nothing like seeing all of your progress from various angles, from cardio to weight loss. Additionally, the variety of exercises makes it easy to try something new and see which exercises you liked best. Also, with support for over 100 sports, including swimming, cycling, rowing, dance and strength training, you can get good ideas on what exercises you should improve and focus on. Finally, most importantly, the app contains many helpful settings, which allows you to choose between multiple types of workouts for different occasions. Whether it’s running at 5 km/hr or cycling 50 miles on a treadmill, it gives you everything you need.

iPad mini — Although this product doesn’t get the same rating as other watches, especially in comparison to smartphones, we believe that it’s quite close. Like other Apple Watch Series versions before, it comes preinstalled with the App Store, allowing you to discover new fitness applications for yourself. Plus, because this small size is perfect for carrying and traveling, you won’t need to worry about the battery draining down too quickly. On top of that, your health data will be stored securely within the cloud with iCloud Secure. In addition to that, as mentioned above, it is possible to manage all your health data in real-time, meaning you can track your performance both during intense workouts and rest periods. So, even while working overtime, you still get to spend time focusing on yourself.

Apple Fitness Pricing Model

The pricing model of Apple Fitness depends on several factors. First of all, Apple offers three prices for each device: $29.95, $69.99 and $299.95 (with standard version). While the base price of the hardware itself gives you access to many features, if you require additional functionality, it’s possible to upgrade to a higher device. For instance, Apple Watch Series 2 costs $119.95, and it comes equipped with many impressive functions. Alternatively, you can purchase the newer watch series Watch 4 for $179.95 or the older Watch SE for $99. A lot of people who own Apple Watch prefer the cheaper option due to its portability, as it means less commitment for the buyer, saving money and making it easier for them to travel with it. Even though it may seem to cost less, buying multiple parts for many years is an expensive undertaking, so why not buy them only once? The answer to this question is probably connected with the increased competition in the industry. Therefore, it makes sense to go for the highest-quality piece you can find.


As you can tell from the overview, Apple Fitness is a great addition to Apple’s lineup of devices, offering amazing services and accessories. As it helps users maintain proper health and well-being, we believe the technology will continue growing in popularity. This way, people will stay healthy, not just from an aesthetic perspective, but from a practical point of view, too.



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