Vomiting spread in Balapadar and Semelpadar; One dead, 8 seriously

Lanjigarh: For the past few weeks, more than ten people have been affected by diarrhea and one person has died. So far, eight patients are in critical condition. Even an ambulance cannot go to the village due to lack of rainfall and communication system.

Vomiting spread in Balapadar and Semelpadar; One dead, 8 seriously
Vomiting spread in Balapadar and Semelpadar; One dead, 8 seriously

Asha and women's health workers are making efforts to treat the victims, but the situation continues to deteriorate. After the heavy rains, the health department has become a headache due to the spread of dysentery in Balapadar and Semelpadar villages of Kadambaguda village panchayat in Lanjigarh block of Kalahandi district.


A man named Niran Majhi of Balapadar village died while Champa Majhi and Biscuit Majhi of the village were seriously injured. Similarly, Benudhar Gaud, Bipr Majhi, Dhusa Majhi, Netra Majhi, Saibani Majhi of Semelpadar village have been infected, while Sukanti Majhi's condition is critical. Since there is no road to Semelpadar village, people cannot even go to the hospital due to the deep water flow in the drains falling on the road.


Yesterday, Sunday, when an ambulance was called for the treatment of Benudhar Goud of Semelpadar village, the ambulance could not go to the village. In the same way, there was no one left in the village except for the elderly, so it was not possible to carry the seriously ill Benu to the ambulance.


At this time, young journalist and social worker Sushil Kumar Bagh, who went to collect news related to the diarrhoea, rushed forward to take Benu to the ambulance.


Along with him, young journalist Nilesh Kumar Nag, volunteer Ajit Pradhan, pharmacist Tuna Bivar of 108 Ambulance, 108 staff Sudarshan Bivar, Nil Raut Makar, carried him on a cot and carried him to a distance of one kilometer. From there, Benu was taken to Vashnathpur village health center by ambulance.


On this occasion, women's health worker Deepti Rani Swine , male health worker Kishore Majhi, Asha worker Premshila Harijan were prominently present. Later, Lanjigarh block chairman's representative Harishan Pan, MLA's representative Pradeep Ghod, Kadambaguda Sarpanch Satya Majhi, Karan Harijan reached the main scene. Similarly, the family of deceased Niran Majhi gave the Sarpanch Harishchandra Yojana aid amount to the community.

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