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Power generation at Burla Power Plant has increased by 240 MW since July 7.

Burla:  After more than a decade, the Burla generating station is generating more than 200 MW of electricity per day.

Electricity generation at Burla hydroelectric power station is mainly dependent on water from Diamond Reservoir. Ironically, due to low rainfall, the water level of Diamakuda dam is not growing as much as it is hindering the production of electricity.


Power generation at Burla Power Plant has increased by 240 MW since July 7.
Power generation at Burla Power Plant has increased by 240 MW since July 7.


On the other hand, due to the renovation of the seven units or turbines currently available for electricity generation in Burla, electricity generation was limited to three to four turbines for the past several years.

However, for two days last June, there was no power generation in the hydroelectric power plant, which caused a stir. Burla hydroelectric generating station has a maximum electricity generation capacity of 275 MW and Chilam Electricity Generating Station has a maximum electricity generation capacity of 72 MW.

But it is seen that the production of electricity is gradually increasing. After a decade, the increase in electricity generation at the hydroelectric generating station is showing that the electricity shortage in Odisha can be solved.

But from July 7 this year, the production capacity of Burla Electricity Production Center started to increase, which has reached up to 240.

On July 5, 42.208 MW of electricity was produced in Burla and 23.958 MW in Chipilima. But then on July 8, 103.500 megawatts and 62.792 megawatts of electricity were produced at the Burla hydropower plant. 119.208 MW and 49.333 MW in Burla on 9th, 119.593 MW and 52.917 MW in Chipilima on 10th, then increased to 219.625 MW and 54.208 MW in Chipilima on 18th July.

This month, on August 1, 218.625 MW of electricity was produced in Burla and 58.500 MW in Chipilima, while on 10th, 213.042 MW and 59.750 MW in Chipilima were produced, and on 20th, 222.416 MW in Burla and 37.792 MW in Chipilima. Lightning is produced.

For more than a decade, the Burla Hydroelectric Power Station has been witnessing a decline in power generation as nearly 4 of the seven turbines at Burla have fallen into disrepair and are being renovated at a cost of billions of rupees.

About 100 crore rupees were spent on the renovation of the four units of the Burla hydroelectric generating station, the first, fifth, sixth and seventh units. After the renovation of those billions of rupees units, it is now seen that there has been an increase in the production of electricity.

Which is a good thing, like this, during the rainy season, when the Diamond Reservoir is full, there will be no electricity shortage in Odisha in proportion to the growth in electricity production.

A total of 300,000 cusecs of water per day in case of electricity generation during heavy rains is equivalent to the water released through two sluice gates.

Looking back at the history of the past days, in the last year 2020, during the rainy season, the capacity of the reservoir was 69.208 MW on the 3rd of June, 76.917 MW on the 4th, 75.542 on the 5th, 78.375 MW on the 6th, and 78.708 on the 7th. MW, 69.875 MW on 8th, 79.500 MW on 9th, 75.625 MW on 10th, 85.125 MW on 11th, 69.250 MW on 12th, 85.875 MW on 13th, 88.083 MW on 14th On the 15th, there is a figure of 84.417 MW.

According to this information, on November 6, 2020, Burla unit 96.208 and Chipilima unit 57.33 megawatts of electricity have been produced. On November 5, 2020, Burla unit produced 108.375 MW and Chipilima unit produced 57.458 MW of electricity.

At that time, only three units of Burla unit number 2, 3 and 4 were operational. Four units namely 1st, 5th, 6th and 7th units are not operational while two are under renovation and two are under maintenance.

Even in the year 2021, due to the non-completion of the renewal work of this unit in the field of electricity production, a lot of decrease in electricity production was seen. However, when the water level of the Hirakuda reservoir is above 620 feet, it is being expressed that there will be no possibility of electricity shortage in Odisha in the coming days due to the proper production of electricity.



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