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Community Impact: Provision of drinking water and toilets for railway employees

Rangalicamp: Signal room of East Coast Railway under Sambalpur Division is located on Atabira Pahar Srigida road. The signal room was built four years ago when the double track railway was constructed. In this signal room, two staff have been appointed for the signal. A person has to work twelve hours a day.

During these twelve hours, there are many types of daily routines of human beings. Adjacent to this signal room was a manhole. The red clay water came out of that tube well, so it was lying in a state of motion for a long time. The workers brought bottled water from their homes to drink. People were crying for water in the hot summer.


Community Impact: Provision of drinking water and toilets for railway employees
Drinking water and toilets


In the current situation, the government is building toilets for people in every house, every office, every railway station, every bus stand and even on the roadside. Provision of water supply is being made to every toilet. But the scene here is reversed.

It is true that there was a toilet inside this signal room, but it was not working. There was no water connection to this toilet. On the other hand, the tube well outside is also inactive. So Tal was hanging in the toilet.

The staff working here were facing the problem of not having a toilet if anyone needed to go to the toilet during his 12 hours. Due to lack of water, they had to go outside for defecation. The news of the arrival of the train arrives just 5/10 minutes before the gate is opened. The biggest problem was that one had to walk at least two hundred meters for toilet. If there is information about the arrival of the train at this time, the situation is very unlikely.

On the one hand, if the gate does not fall, the possibility of an accident cannot be avoided, and on the other hand, there is a threat to the job from the higher authorities.

However, in such a situation, it became very difficult for people to work here. Even in such adverse conditions, these employees have been found to be neglecting their responsibilities. The department head officers like DTI, security officer, departmental engineer, ADEM, PWI and OW were looking into the problem and writing reports.

But they were not facilitating anything. After all these problems were published in the Samaj newspaper on last 22nd July, it is seen that the authorities have expressed urgency. Now drinking water system and water connection to the toilets have been arranged in this signal room. Syntex tanks have been installed to transport water. The employees working here are satisfied and happy.




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