Brahmuna Family from Erendei village

Patna: The family of Narendra Mishra, a resident of Erendei village under Patna block for many years, has been deprived since last Thursday night. For more than 20 years, Narendra Mishra's family came to Erendei village and did Brahmuna work and earned the trust of the surrounding villagers.

Brahmuna Family from Erendei village
Brahmuna Family from Erendei village

Even a man from Erendei village was happy with his work style and gave him a place to build a house. Narendra Mishra's family of 5 lived there. It is not clear why Narendra Mishra's family left Erendei overnight.


While some people of the village have left a message on the Facebook page that Narendra Mishra is missing, it remains to be investigated whether Narendra's family is actually missing or something else.


However, according to the information of the villagers, it is believed that his family may have left Erendei after borrowing lakhs of rupees from people and not being able to repay. It has also been reported that Mr. Mishra has taken a lot of money as a loan from various individuals and self-help groups. Mr. Mishra's house has now been found completely open.



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