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A child prodigy named Beethoven had a difficult childhood

A child prodigy named Beethoven had. In 2020, the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig Van Beethoven, one of the best musicians in history, was celebrated in style. And as part of that name day, a wonderful comic was published that is now coming to Spain Young Ludwig. Beethoven's Learning Years Reservoir Books, by Mikael Ross Munich, 1984, the most relevant author of contemporary German comics, translated into 8 languages ​​​​and winner of the Max und Moritz Prize.

A child prodigy named Beethoven had a difficult childhood
Vignette from 'Young Ludwig Reservoir Book'

A great graphic novel that answers the question of who Ludwig was before he became Beethoven and how he managed to be so successful despite coming from a very humble family.


To tell the story of the young Beethoven, Mikael Ross bases himself on the real diary written by Fischer, a neighbor of the musician's family in Bonn, who portrayed the dysfunctional family that lived upstairs and gave birth to its greatest talents. History"


Young Ludwig Page
Young Ludwig Page

A surprising comic that highlights young Ludwig's iron determination to surpass the music that has already been made, and it combines an extraordinary period portrait with fascinating characters that oscillate between historical and caricature. But with whom he finds a fascinating account of these early years of genius, until he had his first big hit.


Also highlight the large amount of humor in the book, in fact, it's a tough story of beginnings, almost as if it's the first step of a superhero facing adults and they're not ready. For his talent and speech was not some superhero in Beethoven?


In short, an amazing graphic novel that is very true to the real story and introduces us to a 7-year-old boy who is destined for greatness. And it's as exciting and fun as it is visually brilliant.

Page from 'Young Ludwig'
Page from 'Young Ludwig'

Who was little Ludwig before he became Beethoven?


The story begins when little "Ludi" is seven years old Although he was a discerning child, Beethoven had a difficult childhood Born into a humble family in Bonn, he has to deal with a tyrannical and alcoholic father, who was fired as director of the Bonn orchestra due to a drinking problem, and wants to survive the music classes he gives the young man. But to the rich it forces him to play Mozart and does not allow him to compose his own Which makes him very frustrated Also, his mother's health was very poor and was almost always .


Ludwig came from a farming family and, curiously, his last name may come from Beeth (which is Flemish for 'beat') and Hoven, which is hof farm so Beethoven may mean 'beat farm' he humorously joked about growing up.


Page from 'Young Ludwig'
Page from 'Young Ludwig'

A novel that gathers humor is the journey of the young Beethoven, who, at the age of 16 at the time, went to Vienna to meet Mozart and ask him to be his teacher. However, Mozart does not pay much attention to her because he is more interested in gaining the favor of a little girl There are only texts of dubious authenticity about this meeting of both geniuses, but they serve to make Michael Ross a funny pass at comics.


After this failure with Mozart, Beethoven would meet another musical genius of the time, Joseph Haydn, who gave him composition classes and his first great opportunity to succeed in a performance, which Beethoven did not waste.



Vignette from Ludwig the Young
Vignette from Ludwig the Young

Beethoven's music notes

One of the biggest challenges Michael Ross faces in this comic is the power of Beethoven's music, which his contemporaries didn't appreciate at first, as it sounded too powerful and they said had too many notes. His first teacher in comics.


And he achieves this in a brilliant way, with a powerful and lively image in which the young composer's music seems to fly off the pages. Also note that the song in the story moves like a Beethoven symphony, always in crescendo.


But, despite that energy, strength and humor that runs throughout the work, Ross knows how to be subtle in the most critical moments of Beethoven's life, who did not enjoy good health and was on the verge of dying as a child. The result of a smallpox epidemic.


Also notable is the part in which Ross describes the first love of Beethoven's youth, with great tenderness and humor.


In short, if we already loved Beethoven's music, thanks to this comic we will also love the child and the young man willing to take on the world with their immense talent and energy.


Young Ludwig cover
Young Ludwig cover


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