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1785 hectares of rice and vegetable crops are submerged in flood water

 Tigiria: Extensive paddy and vegetable crops have been destroyed in Tigiria block due to river floods. Since last Saturday, the flood waters of the Mahanadi have periodically submerged the agricultural fields of various panchayats. Since yesterday, the flood level of the river has receded in the flood area, but still the flood water has not left the agricultural fields.

1785 hectares of rice and vegetable crops are submerged in flood water
1785 Hectares

Paddy and vegetable crops on 1785 hectares of land in 10 panchayats of the block are submerged in flood water. According to the information received from Tigiria Assistant Agriculture Officer Devi Prasad Parbari, paddy and vegetable crops in Viruda Panchayat have been affected by the floods in Ladanauput, Hatmal, Gadadharpur, Purunathigiria, Sompada, Bindhanima, Jemadepur, Vogda, Baliput and Sapua floods.

Further, due to low pressure rains and increased number of 'atkars' from Hirakud, floodwaters flowing through rivers in the area have delayed the removal of floodwaters from agricultural areas.

Especially in the Panchayats located in the block's upper reaches, the paddy and vegetables have been completely depleted. Due to this, it is more or less guaranteed that people will face severe shortage of vegetables in the coming days. However, the actual damage will be estimated after the flood water is completely removed, said the Assistant Agriculture Officer.

Cyclones still trapped in water, danger on rooftops, demand for purifiers and drinking water supply


Cyclones still trapped in water, danger on rooftops, demand for purifiers and drinking water supply
Cyclone still

After the flood water receded from the river, the flood water was removed from the residences of the Kadhata Cyclone under Tigiria Block Ladanaput Panchayat on Thursday. The said cyclone is still in the water. By Thursday afternoon, floodwaters are flowing at a height of about 3.5 feet on the road connected here.

Even though the flood waters have receded, the dire situation has not abated here. People are hanging on the roof. About 250 people from 55 families are living in this colony.

A lace was found hanging on the roof. However, after the flood waters receded today, people were seen busy cleaning their homes. Around the colony, there is a foul smell coming from the flooded agricultural fields.

They are suffering from mosquitoes and ticks. There is a fear of reptiles after evening. According to local officials, it is necessary for the administration to clean up the entire colony area and provide drinking water. The drinking water that people had collected and stored from various water sources before the flood is about to run out. It has been demanded that immediate action be taken from the block administration. 

68 quintals of land given for domestic animals


68 quintals of land given for domestic animals
68 quintals of land given for domestic animals 

Block administration provided dry grains to the households of 4 panchayats affected by floods in Tigira block on Thursday. Block Veterinary Officer Satyabrata Das informed that the fodder was supplied to 16 villages of Gadadharpur, Hatmal and Ladanaput panchayats along the banks of the river along with Chasmaera of Ludatigiriya Panchayat of this block which is in the flood zone.

Due to the floods, the cattle have not been able to graze for the past three days, and the affected people have not been able to provide food to the cattle due to the presence of settlements in the flood waters. After the river flood receded from yesterday, the victims who had gone to higher ground along with the government resources have returned home. BJP distributed dry food to the flood victims.

On Thursday, BJP distributed dry food to flood victims in Koil Kanchana village and one ward of Gadadharpur in Tigiria block. Ashtgarh senior BJP leader Brajendra Rai himself was present and distributed dry food to Bipanna. Among other leaders of the party, Jagdanand Tripathi, Bichitrananda Jena, Nirmal Javi, Chinmay Mallik, Kabuli Raut and Prithendra Raut were prominently present and distributed in the event.



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