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70+ search engine optimization Glossary : Essential Terminologies of SEO Everyone must kno

70+ search engine optimization Glossary : Essential Terminologies of SEO Everyone must know

Like your test book, search engine optimization has its very own unique set of SEO glossary which I assume every blogger must know earlier than starting their own blogging journey.


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70+ search engine optimization Glossary 

Here I listed extra than 70+ SEO Glossary which are essential terminologies of SEO and will provide you an in-depth idea about what this SEO all about.


I have covered all from General to enhance and technical to nontechnical terms people use in the SEO industry.


You have to go through each one of them to get more thoughts on what is this all about and how it works, if not have time to read then better to bookmark this web page for future purposes. 


70+ search engine optimization Glossary Fundamentals for Beginners

Below provided all the SEO glossary is a precis of each individual terminologies, so if willing to discover more in detail then better to go to the guided link in the given terminology description.


1: What is a Search Engine?


The search engine is a collection of billions of web pages or contents and if any unique user visits their platform and search for a particular query then search engine based totally on its algorithm brings the best of the user interest results.


Eg: Google, Bing, YouTube, DuckDuckGo, Yan-dex, Baidu all are the one-of-a-kind search engines for webpages and YouTube for videos and Amazon for eCommerce products.


2: What is the Google search engine?


Google search engine is the world’s most popular search engine owned by Google Inc, which used to be started back in the year 1998 through Larry page and Sergi Brin and currently, more than 70% of all the worldwide search site visitors comes from Google itself.


Google, is the most trusted and well-established search engine and they are prioritizing their search engine ranking based on the 200 unique ranking signals.


3: What is the Bing Search Engine?


Bing is the second most popular search engine after Google and it is owned by way of Microsoft. At present close to 10% of overall search visitors comes from Bing but Microsoft has partnered with Yahoo to power all the search results lower back in the year 2009.


That means Bing is a Microsoft owned and Yahoo-powered search engine where all the back end algorithms to rating the pages or finding the best user question result is done by Yahoo when you consider that 2010.


4: What is the Yahoo Search Engine?


Yahoo was the very first search engine started back in the 12 months 1994 but it was sort of listing that asks website owners to submit their internet pages manually and based on the user search query was once giving them results.


But Yahoo did the partnership with Google in the year 2000 to powered their queries till 2004 until Yahoo itself has developed its very own search algorithm.


5: What is the Baidu Search Engine?


Baidu is the most popular search engine in China and is in only the Chinese language. Baidu was centers in the same era of Google around 2000 and it holds shut to 76% of all the Chinese search engine market share.


Baidu not only offers the search engine however it has a Baidu map to offer the mapping services and it is the fourth largest internet site in the search engine industry.


6: What is the Yan-dex Search Engine?


Yan-dex is the Russia most popular search engine founded in the year 1997 by way of Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich. 


Yan-dex is the 5th greatest search engine after Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yahoo.


7: What is DuckDuckGo Search Engine?


DuckDuckGo was founded in the year 2008 and it is greater organized to protect user privateers by not storing the IP addresses, personal data or use of cookies and it offers the search results from the 400 distinct sources, hence very well known for the satisfactory results.


It compiles the best results using its very own crawler bot, Yan-dex, Bing, Yahoo, etc and also uses the crowd search to collect the best user interest results.


8: What is SEO?


SEO stands for search engine optimization and these are the suggestions of every search engine to optimize your content around these rules, so the search engine can understand and your content rank faster for a unique query or keyword.


Every search engine has three important factors,


Search for a particular query,

Crawl all the net pages

Index all the web pages based on their content first-class to the particular ranking positions.


9: What is On-Page SEO?


On-page SEO stands for On-page search engine optimization, which capability your written content should be well optimized round a particular keyword or query, so the search engine can understand what your content material all about.


On-Page SEO is the easiest job to do in SEO, as here the content material writers themselves focus on writing the good quality consumer interest-oriented content by placing the key phrases to the right places like in the title, middle of content, URL, headings or subheading.


10: What is Off-Page SEO?


Off-page web optimization stands for the Off-page search engine optimization, where you try to get back links or references of your internet site from the other websites by submitting posts or pages to special directories.


Off-page SEO is more of a blog promoting or marketing strategy by sharing them on social media, specific search engines and asking other people blogs to link with your very own blog.


Both On-page and Off SEO to combine rank your website very rapidly in search engine especially like Google.


11: What is White Hat SEO?


When you are following all the On-page and Off-Page SEO techniques underneath the guidelines of Google or any search engine then those will be known as White Hat SEO.


The outcomes through the White Hat SEO will be slower but your natural reach will sustain for a very long duration.


12: What is Black Hat SEO?


When you are making an attempt to manipulate search engines using some shady techniques to rank such as publishing plagiarized content, doing auto blogging to copy-paste different content, driving traffic.


You would possibly get quick results as you start all these however in a short period of time your organic rating will get reduce or maybe your site will be banned or blocked or de-indexed from Google or any different search engine.


13: What is Gray Hat SEO?


When you combine the techniques of both White Hat and Black Hat search engine optimization then that one is known as Gray Hat SEO, which usually business makes use of to rank faster their upcoming product launch.


This will give a boost to your internet site for a short period or long duration of time but you will be somewhere in a safe region to avoid de-indexing of the site from Google.


14: What is Yoast SEO?


Yoast SEO a WordPress plugin that is on hand in its free and premium plan and helps the content author to judge the On-page SEO parameters based on a focal point keyword.


If you use Yoast SEO Plugin then it will give you a Green signal based totally on total 14 checks to ensure you have centers focus keyword everywhere in the content material but you can use the new alternative Rank Math SEO plug-in for full free use.


15: What is SEM or Search Engine Marketing?


SEM stands for search engine marketing, the place you are running some ad campaigns in Google Ad word to display your publish on top of the search results and Running Ads in Bing to display advertisements in Bing search engine.


So basically, it is a paid marketing technique that business or person site owners use to display in pinnacle search results and it will keep displaying till you are paying for the same.


16: What is Google Sandbox?


Neither Google nor any officials from Google have ever agreed any such thing exists but from the search engine marketing expert points every new web page is indexed in different ways as typical site and Google uses a concept of Google Sandbox.


Every new website is first added to Sandbox due to the lack of its authority and Google keeps doing the user acceptance testing, if the website is performing well to the user interest then it begins ranking all other keyword and will be rank as typical sites.


Are you enjoying?


17: What is a Search?


Search is a process of asking some precise query in the search engine, if you have any query then just go to Google and kind in your query using a phrase, sentence or seed keyword.


To function Google, the first motion any search engine takes is to identify the search query of the user.


18: What is Crawler in Search Engine?


The crawler is a bot designed by the search engine like Google which visits each website indexed or published on the web and tries to understand what that contains all about and what is the number of keywords.


Well, crawler extracts the key phrases from the content or web pages and pass that to Google algorithm to index them at positive potion in Search engine ranking pages. It is also known as bot, internet crawler or spider.


19: What is Indexing in Search Engine?


Indexing means giving positioning of the particular page for a precise keyword in the search engine. When crawler crawls the websites and gets key phrases from the post or pages then the job of indexing get started.


Every page can be ranked at multiple positions in the search engine for special keywords but for a single keyword, it has only single positioning, which maintains changing as you improve the SEO of the internet site and content.


20: What is Toolbar Page Rank of Google?


Google has introduced a Toolbar, which was a rating delivered by Google to rate any website primarily based on the 0-10 scale. The site with close to 10 scores will be having a excessive ranking in Google.


Page ranks work by counting the number of fine back links pointing to the website, which means more links in result more ranking of the pages. But later in 2016, Google has formally dead this toolbar but few other equipment still rating them based on DA and PA.


21: What is Domain Authority of the Website?


Domain authority is additionally known as the DA of the website which is a number between 0-100 used to fee the authority of the websites, close to 100 will be the higher authority.


It is no longer official data from Google but extraordinary websites like Moz and Ahref rate websites authority based totally on the number of authoritative back links profile but each and every site has different parameters to judge the DA of the website.


22: What is the web page authority (PA) of a website?


Page Authority is additionally known as the PA of the website like website area authority every web page belongs to that internet site has its individual authority rated in between 0-100, once again a hundred will be the highest authority.


Do remember, if your PA gets increase then mechanically that authority will increase the domain authority, as every web page belongs to the domain name or website.


23: What is the De-indexing from the search engine?


Indexing means all the listed pages will begin ranking or getting impressions in the search engine but if any webpage is de indexed then it will be out from the search engine result pages.


It normally happens if a website has any technical issues or if the usage of some black hat techniques to rank a website quickly in search engines. 


24: What is Google disavow?


Google Disavow is a function available to notify Google that you don’t want to take any credit from any particular website if that website has given the reference to your site without your knowledge.


Imagine, if you have created accidental one way links on the other adult site or someone has created besides asking you on their spam website, then using Disavow you can request Google to not consider such authority.


25: What is the Google Rank Brain Algorithm?


The rank Genius is artificial intelligence (AI) and was introduced in the yr 2015 by Google to address approx 15% of all the search engine queries which were never been searched earlier.


This is a computing device learning added to the existing algorithm to get the best effects for those queries which are being searched the first time.


26: What is the Google Panda Algorithm?


Google panda was the biggest update of the Google search engine algorithm added in the year 2011 to punish content farming, which means a website with the wide variety of thin or poor content or not sharing any price to users got punished by the down ranking.


Yes at that moment approx 11% of average ranked pages were impacted and sites with high-quality content received huge advantages.


27: What is the Google Penguin Algorithm?


Penguin is the second biggest update rolled out with Google algorithm in the 12 months 2012 to overcome the page ranking based on link farming, this de-ranked all the web sites which have created back links using the black hat techniques.


Well, it was only checking the variety of incoming links pointing to the website instead of outgoing links.


28: What is Google Hummingbird Algorithm?


Google Hummingbirds introduced in the 12 months 2013 to offer the most personalized search results for the better consumer search intent. Their primary focus is to find the results on the search intent query, now not on the query into consideration.


After this rollout, the user starts getting the relevant photographs based on the knowledge graph and it starts differentiating the effects for the same query searched by the different people.


29: What is Google Pigeon Algorithm?


Google Pigeon was once introduced in the year 2014 to avail of the best local search effects and local business data. Those websites or business which has a excellent local presence get more visibility in the search results.


Pigeons is more focused to supply a search query like the bets hotel near me, the best cafe close to me, etc.


30: What is Machine Learning?


Machine learning is an important part of Artificial intelligence, which is an auto bot designed to feed the data in the current algorithm based on the number of search results and how users are interacting with every search engine results.


I am sure you are getting your answers, do you?


If yes then please share this content on your social profile to help others.


31: What is Organic Traffic?


Organic site visitors is the free traffic that comes to your website due to the number of keywords are rating in the search engine. You won’t have to pay for them however it takes time to get proper positioning in the search results.


Well, there is no guarantee of how much it takes for a internet site to maintain organic positioning, as sooner or later will get impacted with other high-quality content pages, so it is suggested to update your content.


32: What is Paid Traffic?


When it comes to paid traffic than all of us can get this on their websites by advertising content on a number of social media platforms like a Facebook campaign or in search engines like Google the use of Google Adwords.


As long as you are prepared to pay, your site will keep getting traffic but if you give up paying then your site will be limited with only organic visitors only.


33: What is Index and No Index Tag?


Index and No index are the meta tags used with the HTML code of the webpages to provide the command to search engine crawlers to index or no longer index the unique pages in the search engine results. 

By default, every web page is set to be indexed but in some cases like thank you page, you should command search engine to no longer index and not add in the search results.


34: What are Back links?


Back links are known as the reference of your website on other internet site and it is one of the most well known Google ranking signals to determine the page ranking in the search engine results.


Imagine you have site A and any other web site B has created one post and in middle of that he linked your site A then it referred that site A obtained 1 back link from site B.


Always try to grab the appropriate quality back links from high authority websites and strive to avoid creating back links on the spam websites.


35: What are Do-Follow Back links?


When a one-way link created on-site B is a Do-Follow then Google crawler will pass through that link and visit your website A and it gives authority to your site, when it comes to search engine Ranking then Do-Follow one way links are the important want of Every website.


The greater Do-Follow back links you have from high authority websites the more key phrases will start getting a top ranking.


36: What are No-Follow Back links?


If any back links specified on-site B is a No Follow back links then Google Crawler won’t pass through that link and no authority will be given to your site and in most of the cases, the inbound links created through commenting are always No Follow back links.


If you are willing to identify No Follow inbound links then you will see a tag  rel no follow within <a> of that particular link in HTML code.


37: What are Anchor Text and Hyperlink?


Anchor text is a phrase on the webpages, which are clickable and also known as Hyperlink because it is linked with a URL. When anyone clicks to these texts then the reader will be navigated to the linked page.


While creating back links on other sites or interlinking different pages of the same site then anchor text and hyperlink uses altogether.


38: What is Internal Link?


An inner link is a process of linking the internal pages of the same website. Let think about a website has published more than 10 posts and reference of one post is given in different then it is known as Internal link.


Do remember in the internal link you constantly have to link the webpages created under the same domain name.


39: What is External Link?


Whenever you are linking the exterior site webpages to your website post or pages then those hyperlinks are known as external links. It is also known as giving back links to other websites.


Do remember, in External link, the linked page to anchor text should be from specific domain names.


40: What is Link Juice?


Link juice ability passing the authority of one internet site to another. If your website receives any back links from another website that means you are getting hyperlink juice or value or some authority from that website to yours.


Your site authority in search engine ranking increases, if you get extra link juice or back links from high authority sites.


41: What is Broken Link?


If you have provided inner or external link using an anchor text to one of a kind web pages and if the linked page no more exists due to change in URL or internet page is deleted.


Then if somebody clicks to the anchor text created on your website then alternatively of that webpage a new 404 page not found page appears.


This capacity the link created on your website is a broken link, which is no more exists and required on the spot attention to change.


42: What is 301 Redirect?


This is the permanent redirect of the old URL to New URL to avoid 404 now not found pages. If a website owner is willing to exchange the permalink or URL of the post or pages then to link Old URL with new, 301 redirects are used.


After 301 redirects, if anyone clicks to Old URL this time instead of web page not found page, it will be redirected to the New URL and this is the solution of 404 not observed page and it passes up to 90-99% link juice.


43: What is 302 Redirect?


302 Redirect is like 301 redirects but it is for the temporary motive to let the search engines know that you are willing to show any particular web page for a short period of time may be due to maintenance reason or split testing or willing to highlight historical pages for short period of time.


302 Redirect help you to avoid any search engine rating due to sudden redirection to new pages and maintain the link juice.


44: What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?


PBN is also regarded as a Private Blog network where bloggers are creating their 100’s of small blogs to give hyperlinks to their money-making websites.


This is a part of Black hat techniques and Google penalizes those sites which are the use of such shady back links strategy, for your understanding Google won’t have any such algorithm to detect such sites which are the use of PBN, so on a timely basis, they do manual reviews to identify those sites and take them down.


45: What is Link Farming?


Link farming is a process of creating a number of one way links from other irrelevant sites, to just manipulate the search engine ranking. Sometimes people order a bundle of hyperlinks from service providers to create back links on behalf of you, no matter the place they are creating.


It is obvious that Google ranks sites higher in search engines based on the one way links profile but only on the quality back links profiles and hyperlink farming is a black hat technique.


46: What is Co-citation of Links?


If two websites belong to the same niche have created back links on the 0.33 website but not provided any hyperlink to each other then that type of links are recognized as Co-Citation.


Co-Citation helps search engine to understand the similarity of subjects for those sites which are getting back-links from the same site and rank them accordingly.


47: What are Reciprocal Links?


Reciprocal link is a back links alternate program were two sites agree to exchange hyperlinks to each other, these types of back links are known as black hat methods and not recommended by Google.


In most cases, both web sites will get punished with search engine ranking.


48: What is Google Adsense?


Google Ad-sense is a Google-owned advertising platform was started in the year 2003 to monetize publishers’ content material using the different ads inventory. As a website or weblog or YouTube channel owner, you can request Google Ad-sense to get approve or monetize your platform.


If your content is monetized then, as a result, you will start getting the earning based on the variety of Ad clicks or ads impressions.


49: What is Google Analytics?


Google Analytics is Google Owned website analytics tools started in the 12 months 2006 and its primary job is to analyze the traffic of any website getting from the different sources.


It offers a detailed idea of how many visitors are visiting your website and from which location and on which page, which means the best tool to decide your search traffic.


50: What is Google Webmaster?


Google webmaster was earlier known as Google search console and this is a tool to supply an idea of how your website and its keywords are performing in the search engine organic ranking.


If your web site has any indexing issues with a particular page or you want to discover the number of pages indexed or de-indexed from a search engine then Google webmaster will give you an exact thought on the same.


Have you shared this SEO Glossary?


51: What is Google Trend?


Google trend is also one of the Google-owned products and free to use by means of everyone. Google trend’s primary use is to identify the trend of any particular key phrases in a specific duration of time or geographical areas.


You can search any particular query and it will provide you the search pattern of that query start from 2004 or the filters you already placed. It also offers data on what is currently trending in Google starts from the past 1 hr until 2004.


52: What is Google Page Speed Checker?


Google has introduced its own tool to analyze the page loading pace of a particular page in the search engine. It analyzes the pages based on their DOM structure and suggests the required fixes to enhance the page loading speed.


Do remember, page loading speed directly affects your search engine ranking, if your site is hosted in WordPress then use the fastest hosting, as I use A2 Hosting (Review guide).


53: What is Blogger?


Blogger is a Google-owned content management device that started in the year 2003, it offers free unlimited web hosting for unlimited content. Every beginner can start their blogging ride with Blogger without a single penny investment.


Blogger has limitations with the customization but would be the best platform to begin a blogging journey as you can monetize your content with Google Ad-sense Ad network.


54: What is WordPress?


WordPress is the world’s largest and one of the most famous free content management tools and according to 3 Techs shut to 62% of the CMS (Blogs) are using WordPress which is 35% of the whole internet site or net market shares.


But WordPress desires hosting and domain to get started which might value you up to $100 per year.



55: What is SERP?


SERP stands for the search engine ranking pages means the pages are indexed or ranking in the search engine and getting impressions whilst any user is searching for a particular query.


If your website receives a position in the top 10 results in the SERP then it has higher probabilities to get the most of the traffic.


56: What is Session?


The session is the active duration of time until what any user actively browsed your site. In a single session, a person can visit a single page or can visit multiple pages or can function any action.


Every user visiting your site will be having some session, in a few cases, it may shut to 1 second while in others it may be for as long as possible.


57: What is Bounce Rate?


Bounce price is the percentage of users in a particular session leaving your site from the first web page from where they have entered into your site.


This means, if anyone visits only a single page in a specific session and without performing any action like navigating to internal pages or performing any action then that go to will be counted as a Bounce rate.


58: What is Exit Rate?


The exit rate is ideally calculated as Page Exit rate, which is the percentage of users leaving your site from a unique page. In a particular session the last page from which if any user is leaving your website online then it will be calculated as the Exit rate for that particular page.


Do remember in bounce charge user has only visited one page but in the Exit rate, the entry web page will be different and the exit page will be different, learn more on variations in between bounce rate vs exit rate.


59: What is Page Views?


Page views is the number of times each person visits your site, every time if anyone comes to your site then it will be counted as 1 page views and if that consumer visits more than 1 pages then page views will be accordingly.


A single visitor can have a more than a 1-page view in a specific session.



61: What is the Impression in Google SERP?


It is the wide variety of instances your internet site get impressions in the search engine rating if everybody is looking out for a precise query.


In Google SERP if everyone typed any question and if one of your listed pages displayed to the reader then it will be counted as impressions and recorded in Google Webmaster.


62: What is Click Through Rate in Google Adsense?


Click-through price is additionally recognized as CTR, which is the variety of instances commercials clicked to the range of instances commercials displayed on the net pages. If Google Ad-sense has an common impact of one thousand advertisements on your a number of pages and if you obtained solely one hundred clicks then CTR would be simply 10%.


CTR is the proportion of advert clicks to the whole wide variety of advertisements impressions, examine extra on what is Google Adsense CTR.


63: What is Click Through Rate in Google SERP?


It is the range of instances readers click on to the webpages displayed in the SERP to the wide variety of instances any specific webpage obtained impressions in the SERP.


It is no longer obligatory that the pages receiving impressions in the SERP will additionally get clicks and to decide this component CTR will be recorded in the Google webmaster.


64: What is Dwell Time?


Dwell time is the period for which any consumer is actively interacting with your internet site or blog. Which capacity it is the session for which any person is ingesting your web site content.


In search engine rating the greater the dwell time the higher will be the search engine ranking.


65: What is RPM or CPM?


RPM stands for the income per mile, which is the matrix of Google Ad-sense to choose how lots income generated for a specific internet site if it obtained a thousand commercials impressions.


However, CPM stands for the value per mile which is for the advertisers to choose how a lot cash they have to spend to show their commercials on the publisher’s website.


66: What is Pogo Sticking?


Pogo Sticking is the situation, when if any reader clicks to your webpage from the SERP and bounced returned from a comparable web page and clicks to every other end result in the SERP then it will be acknowledged as Pogo sticking.


This offers a sign to the google that reader is no longer inclined to have interaction with your web page and he is interacting with different rating pages as a substitute of yours and your rating will auto decline if you have study the cautioned information on the leap price you will get extra thinking on Pogo-sticking.


67: What is Google Bomb?


Google Bomb is a exercise of rating a specific internet site for an inappropriate keyword. It is a way to manipulate the Google search engine algorithm for specially looking a precise web page for a precise keyword.


If there are comparable searches via tens of millions of searchers then Google will begin rating these internet pages for these specific keywords.


This is usually been located to promote a political agenda or to get any gain from a specific search query.


68: What is Cloaking?


Cloaking is a Black hat method to enhance the search engine rating the place the content material introduced to the search engine net crawler is extraordinary then to what is introduced to the genuine user.


Here the content material delivered primarily based on the IP Address or the user-agent HTTP header. If it discovered the crawler is touring your website then they supply specific server-level pages that are no longer searchable by using the user.


69: What is Duplicate or plagiarized content?


Duplicate or Plagiarized content material is the content material that is already listed in the search engine by using some other internet site however you are the use of the identical content material or shut to 50% matching of the already listed web page then it will be regarded as a reproduction content.


Using plagiarized content material on your website online may also negatively have an effect on your internet site ranking or the content material you posted would possibly by no means get ranked in the search engine.


70: What is Feature Snippet or Rich Snippet?


Feature snippet is typically referred to as the #0 rating simply above the #1 web page in the pinnacle Search engine rating pages. It commonly a precis of the precise question which Google has extracted from a precise web page to provide a speedy reply to the searched query.


Well, the pages transformed into characteristic snippets which are additionally recognized as prosperous snippets get up to 7% greater site visitors than the #1 ranking page. 


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