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Jamu Idli is good for health.

Jamu Idli is good for health.

Jamukoli is now available. It is rich in vitamins and beneficial for a variety of ailments. Ever thought about eating something empty and making some new dishes out of it! Make Jamu Idli. As beautiful as it is to look at, it is as delicious to eat.

Ingredients: - Ripe jamukoli - 10 to 15 - Suji - 1 cup - Cinnamon rice - 1 tablespoon - half a cup yogurt - Salt to taste - 1 teaspoon in a small spoon Fruit Salt - Oil.

Preparation - Add semolina, rice husk and salt. Add yogurt and whisk well. After extracting the seeds from the jamukoli and adding them to the grinder, add water as needed. Put it in a cooker or decochi and let it heat up. Now Idli will put the oil in the mold. Add fruit salt to the prepared cake and take a little and put it in the mold. The mold will then be placed in boiling water. After 15-20 minutes, the idol is ready. Once it is a little cool, remove it and serve with coconut sauce.

Don’t make this mistake even after eating chicken.

Many people like to eat amish. Many people in particular like to eat a variety of chicken and chicken dishes. However, there are some foods that are harmful to your health when you eat chicken or within a short time of eating.Did you know? So find out about it.


Never drink milk after eating chicken. The nutrients in milk and the nutrients in chicken are both harmful to health, and eating these two foods together can cause side effects in the body. Spots also form on various parts of the body. And does acid.


Don’t even eat curd by mistake when eating chicken. Chicken creates heat in our body and curd cools the stomach. So eating curd and chicken together can have a detrimental effect on our digestive system. There are a lot of stomach problems.


Both chicken and fish are delicious to eat. These two foods are high in protein. But both have different types of protein. So eating it together is bad for your health. So you have to eat chicken and fish one at a time.

How to make garlic mushroom spices.

Ingredients - 500 grams of onion - 3 teaspoons of garlic - 4 teaspoons of flour - 2.50 teaspoons of sugar - 2 teaspoons of nutmeg - 1 teaspoon of garlic powder - 2 teaspoons of coriander leaves - the required amount of salt - the required amount of oil - the required.

First, add gas and fry in flour. Add milk to it and roll it gently to make a mixture. Add cheese to it and stir. After rolling, add nutmeg and salt and turn off the gas. Now put another bowl on the gas and heat the oil.

Once the oil is hot, add chopped onion and garlic and fry. After frying, add the mushrooms and fry again, add the garlic powder and salt, mix the pre-made mixture and stir in the gas for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, remove from the pan and garnish with chopped coriander leaves. Garlic mushroom spices are ready. You can make it at home and enjoy it.

Birappan's daughter has been appointed vice-president of the BJP's Tamil Nadu youth wing.

The BJP has given new appointments to Vidya Birappan, the daughter of the so-called sandalwood Taskar Birappan, who once terrorized southern India. He has been appointed vice-president of the BJP youth wing in Tamil Nadu.

Birappan allegedly stole and killed more than 100 elephants for his teeth and was involved in the smuggling of sandalwood. He died in a 2009 police encounter. A law graduate is running a school and doing social work.

He joined the BJP last February. He believes in humanity and does not consider himself to belong to any particular community.

A Facebook post by the state BJP leadership said Vidya had been recruited. Vidya said she had only seen her father once in her life when she was in school and was only 7/8 years old.

Birappan became nationally famous in 2000 after the abduction of Kannada actor Rajkumar. Shortly after the abduction, he released the prince. Birappan later said the kidnapping was done with the sole purpose of staying in the church and establishing himself.

Four years later, K.S. The Special Task Force, led by Vijay Kumar, encountered Birappan. For this success, Kumar was appointed by the Union Home Ministry as a security adviser.

Fatal attacks centered on land disputes, father-son serious.

A deadly attack centered on a land dispute in Nishchintapur village of Baleshwar district's Tire police station.

Neighbors reported the father and son were seriously injured in the attack. According to sources, the incident took place over a land dispute in Nishchintapur village of Baleshwar Tire police station. Ishwar Behera and his son Karthik Behera of Nishchintapur village were on their way to the bill when two neighbors chased and attacked Bhujali.

Ishwar Behera and his son Karthik Behera were seriously injured in the attack. Both the father, the son were seriously injured in the head, abdomen and shoulders. Both have now been admitted to Tire Hospital and treated.


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