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Is the sanitizer real or fake?

Is the sanitizer real or fake?

Nowadays everyone is wearing masks and emphasizing the use of sanitizers. Sanitizers were still being sold in the market before the corona outbreak. But now more and more people are buying these sanitizers.

It is difficult to know exactly what is the real deal when it comes to different companies and sizes. Experts say you can find out how many simple home remedies you can use to determine if your sanitizer is genuine or fake.

Try drying in a hair dryer with a small amount of sanitizer in a small bowl. If the sanitizer dries in 3-5 seconds, you will know that it is real.

If it has been drying for a long time, be aware that the sanitizer is fake.

If it's a flour-like wheel, the sanitizer is fake. However, if the wheel is not broken, the sanitizer is genuine.

On the other hand, if there was 60% alcohol on the sanitizer bottle, buy it. If there is a low percentage of alcohol, it does not sanitize the hands.

Bomb blast for Karona victims.

Brahmagiri:  The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police recruiting center at Nishivar village under Sadar police station. One person was injured in the blast.

The injured have been shifted first to the local Rebana Nuagaon group health center and later to Puri Medical. A clash between the two groups erupted yesterday following a positive diagnosis of coronary artery disease in the village.

21st Anniversary of Kargil's Victory Learn Some Special Stories About the Battle of the Strong Indian Army.

Today marks the 21st anniversary of the Kargil War-Operation 4 victory. India defeated Pakistan on 1999 July 26 and won the Battle of Kargil.

The people of the country are still proud of the strength of the Indian Army in this battle, which lasted for about two months at a height of 18,000 feet. Some special stories about the Battle of Kargil on Victory Day.

Father and son on the battlefield.

Lt. Gen. A.M. Alle and his only son, Colonel Amit Alle. Lieutenant Ally is probably the only commander to have fought with his son on the battlefield.

During the Battle of Kargil, Lieutenant Ally was the commander of the 56th Mountain Brigade. The brigade captured Tolling and Tiger Hill.

His son, Colonel Amit, was the second lieutenant of the then Gorkha Rifles from the Marpo La area. According to Amit, his father advised him not to tell his mother about the war situation and to fight with courage and determination as a soldier.

Amit also sent his last letter to Unit8, which was handed over to his family after the martyrdom of a soldier. Both fathers and sons fought bravely in their respective territories. They had no contact during the war.

Even two months after the end of the war, the father and son met. Both were honored for their bravery. Lieutenant General Al4 has retired as Western Commander-in-Chief.

There is no reluctance to be born a hero.

1999 July , 13. In the Battle of Kargil, Major DP Singh was in charge of a post in the Akhnoor sector. His team consisted of 30 Javanese while they were only 80 meters from the enemy post. The two-day shootout resumed on the 15th.

Major Singh was facing the enemy outside the bunker when two mortars were fired at him from the enemy. Even though he was safe from one of them, RT fell just a meter and a half away from him. He was seriously injured in the blast. He was rushed to a hospital by four friends.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. Suddenly, a senior doctor who was visiting that day noticed that DP's breathing was still weak. He was rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead at the scene. One leg, part of the intestine were amputated and some were operated on. He remained in the hospital for almost a year.

However, DP's morale did not diminish. She took part in the 2009 Marathon and became the country's first blade runner in 2011. As the first paralyzed person in Asia, he has also done skydiving in Nasik. He has been placed four times in the Limca Book of Records.

Major Singh, who has decided to donate his organs and bones, also celebrates July 15 as his birthday and birthday. He has also set up an NGO The Challenging Wants for the Disabled. He has donated Rs 2 lakh to the National Welfare and Kevin 7 Care Awards to the Army Welfare Fund.


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