Britain shocks China,Britain will build a 5-G network in cooperation with Japan.

Britain shocks China,Britain will build a 5-G network in cooperation with Japan.

TOKYO: China, which has adopted an imperialist expansionist policy, is now suffering one major loss after another. The British government has now dealt a major blow to China after India suffered losses from Japan recently.

The UK has excluded China from the 5G Telecom Network Establishment Project. The biggest thing is that the British government has chosen Japan for this.

The Japanese government recently ordered all its companies operating in China to return home from there. A few days ago, the UK imposed a curfew on China’s whites.

Earlier, the United States imposed sanctions on Chinese companies. The United States and China have long been embroiled in tensions over technology and security.

The UK has sought Japan's help in developing a 5G wireless network. In the meantime, British officials have met with Japanese officials. A meeting of members of both groups has been held in Tokyo.

The UK has already announced that it will cut ties with China and remove its Wei devices from its 5G network by 2024. Britain also decided to withdraw from the European Union a few days ago.

The United States has also imposed sanctions on whites. The company will not be able to use any of Google's services after the cut on Wei. Earlier, India had imposed sanctions on 58 Chinese apps.

It also includes the popular TikTok4. Similarly, apps like UC Browser, Hello, Wigo, Share dot have been shut down in India.

IPL4 since September 16.

The Indian Premier League has regained a new lease of life after the Twenty20 World Cup was adjourned. The IPL4 will be played in the United Arab Emirates (UAE); If the Indian government allows it.

The BCCI has already applied to the government to allow the IPL to be held in the UAE. The answer is no. Therefore, the BCCI has not formally written to the UAE Cricket Board to host the IPL.

The BCCI will write a letter to the UAE Cricket Board after receiving a green light from the Indian government. The BCCI, on the other hand, has decided to play the IPL in the UAE from September 28 to November 6, while the BCCI has agreed to change the schedule under the pressure of the broadcasting Star Sports.

The week before September 28; That means the IPL will start on September 14. The night match is scheduled to start at 9.30am instead of 9am Indian time.

Earlier, the BCCI had said that the IPL would be played from September 28 to November 7, while Star Sports opposed it. If 90 matches are played in 7 days, it will lose revenue.

Considering this claim, the BCCI has decided to change the schedule. With the start of the IPL a week ago, the number of matches during the day (from 3.30 pm Indian time) will be reduced. This is because the number of TV viewers of the match during the day is low.

Star Diwali, on the other hand, wanted to take advantage of the Diwali playoff match of the IPL on Diwali on November 14 to take advantage of it. In other words, Star Sports wanted the IPL4's final match to be played on the 15th of the week, starting on November 28, instead of November 9, the week before November 8.

The Indian team is scheduled to tour Australia and play a four-match Test series against the home side from December 3. The Indian team has to go to Australia a long time ago. If the IPL ends on November 8; The Indian team can travel to Australia on the 10th.

There, the players will be tested for Covidium 18-19 and will be kept in custody for 2 weeks. Then the Indian players can have time to play 2 practice matches. Whatever he is; With the start of the IPL on November 14, 40 matches will be played in 51 days instead of seven days.

As a result, the match will be played in a few days. The IPL7 Governing Council will meet on July 28. Everything is expected to be clear after the meeting.


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