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A terrorist was shot dead by security forces.

A terrorist was shot dead by security forces.

A shootout broke out between security forces and militants in Jammu and Kashmir's Anantnag district on Monday morning. Terrorists were reported in the Anantnag area. The search operation was reportedly launched in the morning.

300 terrorists waiting for infiltration.

About 300 militants are waiting to infiltrate India at the Arpat launchpad on the Kashmir border. military base. In northern and central Kashmir, militants are planning suicide attacks like Pulwama, intelligence sources said. Warnings have been issued across the region. Regarding the infiltration, Major General Birendra Bats of the GOC 16 Infantry Division at Barmula said that 250 to 300 terrorists were ready to enter India along the Line of Control (LoC) Arpat launchpad.

On Saturday, Indian youths spotted their suspicious vehicle near the Pakistan Post near the Naigaon sector. There, two militants who tried to infiltrate his fence were killed. military base. K. Twelve magazines laden with assault rifles, a pistol and some grenades were recovered. In addition, Indian and Pakistani coins worth Rs 1.5 lakh were seized from them.

Warnings have been issued on the Srinagar-Barmula highway, Sapore and Handwara in Guinea that militants could carry out Pulwama-style car bombings in northern and central Kashmir. The Lashkar-e-Taiba Baramulla Pattanayak area is reported to be planning a major offensive using an ambulance on the HM6 road in the Srinagar suburb. The plan is reportedly being led by a foreign terrorist named Rahman Bhai.

Trump may not support India if it clashes with China.

No matter how much US President Donald Trump has promised India support over the dispute with China, he has no confidence. There is no hope that Trump will support India if the Indo-China border conflict escalates. He may change his mind at any time, as Trump has no knowledge of history. Former U.S. National Security Adviser John Ballon, who was once an ally of Trump, said so. If Trump returns to power in the next election; So changing the tone is not impossible.

He will focus more on China in terms of trade. It is more likely to accept large-scale trade agreements with China. Although he has been critical of China in recent years, he may have disagreed. If necessary, India could not be supported as it is now, Bolton said.

In an interview with a private news agency, Balloton said Trump had no knowledge of the history of the dispute between India and China, which has been going on for nearly six decades. History also does not remember him; It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. China is currently dominating its eastern border and the South China Sea.

As a result, relations with Japan and India have deteriorated. He will not even be aware of geographical relations with China through trade. Stole intellectual property from the United States and other nations. Over the years, China has increased its economic success and military capabilities by transferring technology. That's why it has made so much progress.

Two militants were shot dead by security forces.

Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir have had great success. Two militants were shot dead by security forces in Baramulla in the Naogaon area of   the Line of Control (LoC). According to the information received, the security personnel witnessed the activities of the terrorists near the Line of Control in the Naogaon sector of Handwara. Two militants were then shot dead by security forces as they tried to cross into the Indian border. AK-4 and other offensive materials were seized from them.

Declining Maoist movements five districts in the state have been excluded from the list of Maoist-affected districts.

Five districts in the state have been excluded from the list of Maoist-affected districts. Abhay tweeted that the state's Anugul, Boudh, Sambalpur, Devgarh and Nayagarh districts were excluded from the Maoist-affected districts. The Maoist movement in the state is declining. In view of this, the state government has excluded five districts from the list of Maoist-affected SRE districts.

The state government has excluded five districts from the list of Maoist-affected districts due to declining Maoist activities from the state. In Anugul, Boudh, Sambalpur, Devgarh and Nayagarh districts, Maoist activity has declined. Security in all those districts is strong. The Odisha police are committed to liberating the entire state from Maoists, the DGP tweeted.

India-China diplomatic talks speed up withdrawal from border.

Diplomatic talks between India and China will be held on Friday to expedite the withdrawal of troops from the disputed area near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in East Ladakh. The talks will be held on the basis of the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on India China Border Affairs (YMCC). In 2012, the two countries adopted a system similar to the YM4CC to reduce tensions in the LAC. The talks will be chaired by Naveen Srivastava, Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs (East Asia) on behalf of India.

China will also be led by its director general of foreign affairs, Wu Jianghai. The last meeting on June 26 was held on the issue of border disputes. The meeting agreed to withdraw troops out of respect for military understanding; But that did not work out. The tensions escalated rather than subsided. Finally, talks were held on Sunday between India's security adviser Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Wink.

The border dispute escalated and both countries began withdrawing troops from the disputed area. Talks will be held at this diplomatic level to expedite the withdrawal process. The Chinese military has not yet returned from Pangang Lake. Similarly, the movement of Chinese troops between the Finger-4 region and the Finger-5 region can be seen from the satellite image. India is keeping a close eye on the Chinese military's move.

With the exception of the Galvan Valley, the Hot Springs and Gogra areas have been in dispute, but the withdrawal process has begun, but has been slow. Talks will be held next week at the military level between the two countries following the diplomatic clashes. The talks will take place between Lt. Gen. Harinder Singh, commander of the 16th Crusade in Leh, and Lt. Gen. Su Killing, commander of China’s Western Theater Command. Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said in an online message on Thursday that India was ready to maintain peace and stability at the border. India is interested in resolving disputes over border disputes through dialogue; But India is always ready to maintain its sovereignty and integrity.


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