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China has claimed that the Galvan Valley has not been attacked since Modi's remarks.

China has claimed that the Galvan Valley has not been attacked since Modi's remarks

China has claimed that the Galvan Valley has not been attacked since Modi's remarks.

Later, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that there were any foreign incursions into India, adding that China had once again claimed that the actual control (Lac) line of the Galwan Valley in the Ladakh Union Territory was located on the Chinese side.

In a government statement on the Galvan face-to-face account, where 20 Indian soldiers Nick was killed, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the Galvan Valley is located on the Chinese side of the LAC in the western part. China-India border.

Chinese border guards have been patrolling the area for many years, Zhao said, adding that since April this year, Indian border troops have been building roads, bridges and other facilities at the LAC in the Galvan Valley. China has represented and protested several times, but India has gone even further to create tensions beyond the LAC, Zhao said.

On the morning of May 6, Indian border troops crossed the LAC at night and entered the Chinese territory, building forts and barricades that disrupted patrols by Chinese border troops, Zhao said, adding that they had deliberately caused unrest. Try to unilaterally change the control and management situation.Chinese border troops say they have been forced to take necessary steps to deal with the situation on the ground and strengthen management and control in the border area.

China and India are in close contact through military and diplomatic channels to ease the situation," he said. In view of China's strong demand, India has agreed to cross the LAC and withdraw its workers, and they have done so.

On June 6, border guards from both countries agreed to ease the situation by defrauding a command-level meeting. They promised that they would not be able to cross the Galvan River for patrols and facilities, and that both sides would discuss and decide on the phased withdrawal of troops through meetings between commandos on the ground.

Surprisingly, on the evening of June 15, the Front Line troops of India violated the agreement reached at the command-level meeting by cheating the commanders, once again crossing the real control line for voluntary agitation after the situation in the Galvan Valley was reduced. The soldiers also brutally attacked Nick.

The Indian Army's two-pronged venture has seriously undermined the stability of the border area, endangered the lives of Chinese personnel, violated the agreement reached between the two countries on the border issue and violated the rules governing international relations.

He said Beijing expects India to work with China, abide by the important consensus reached between the two leaders, abide by the agreements reached between the two governments, and maintain diplomatic ties through diplomatic and military channels.

 Also, did Modi surprise the defense experts on Twitter by giving the Galvan Valley to China?


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