According to the agreement, China’s Galvan History claims a ‘misrepresentation.

According to the agreement, China’s Galvan History claims a ‘misrepresentation.

According to the agreement, China’s Galvan History claims a ‘misrepresentation.

On Saturday, New Delhi denied to ChinaClimate that it had not promised to cross the Galvan River on June 6 to build facilities with the Home Ministry of Patrol and Home Affairs, citing misunderstandings between senior Indian and Chinese officials. Commandos that day to increase tension along the actual line of control

On Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian issued a statement giving Beijing and Beijing a phased version of the events that have spilled over into the Gal Rao Valley. India says 20 soldiers were killed and at least 76 were injured in what became known as the Cold War. On Monday night, Chinese troops were physically able to fight the newcomers.

Chinese documents have reiterated China's claim to the entire Galvan Valley, but also accused India of violating the understanding understanding between senior commandos on June 6 that Indian patrols would not cross the Galvan River.

On Saturday, MA spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said that this was not true and that Foreign Minister S. Jaish had described the agreement as a "misrepresentation" of the agreement when he spoke to his Chinese counterpart on June 16.

Srivastava said that the allegations were baseless by China and that the misrepresentation of Bu the Mana between senior commandos was a strong firm for Jaish. He added that Jaishankar had said that China would re-evaluate its activities and take corrective measures. Both sides agreed to respect and abide by the LAC and agreed not to take any action to change the situation.

On June 16, China claimed the entire Galvan Valley through the PLA Western Theater Command Spokesperson. This is the first time China has made a public claim, and Chinese military officials have been at the post since the start of the current standoff in May, at a cross-border meeting with Indian opponents.

China’s interest in restricting Indian patrols to the end of the Galvan River is significant as it is tantamount to pushing the LAC hundreds of meters from the junction to the west. The goal was to establish a border on the banks of the Mourning River

An Indian statement on Saturday said that Jaish had opposed the misrepresentation of the June agreement, citing a specific claim.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry also said that Chinese border guards have been patrolling the area for many years.

This has been refuted by the Indian team. The situation in the Galvan Valley is historically clear. The Line of Actual Control LAC's attempts to push forward the current and most pressing demands on the LAC are unacceptable. In the past, they have not been in line with China's position, he said.

He pointed out that Indian troops are well acquainted with LAC alignment in all sectors of the Indo-China border region, including the Galvan Valley.

"The Indian Army has not taken any action against the LAC," said a MEA spokesperson, noting that Indian troops are observing LAC alignments everywhere.

In fact, they were patrolling the area for a long time without incident "All the infrastructure built by the Indian side is naturally on the side of the LAC," he said.

Galvan was not listed as one of the 23 areas of differing views on the LAC, where the demands of India and China were overlapped and patrolling teams repeatedly confronted. Since the maps of the western region have not been exchanged, India understands the alignment of Chinese demands based on the pattern and behavior of the patrolling pattern. The official map of China in the Galvan region depicts the LAC, which was temporarily blocked by the Galvan and Shayok rivers.

India's universal sovereignty over Galvan has been echoed by MEA on the day that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks on the border situation need to be clarified on Friday. No Koi Khusa Hua Hina Hamari Koi Post Kisi Dress K Kabje Main Hen.

The English translation of Modi's remarks is that no one has infiltrated or penetrated our borders. This raised questions about the Indian position on Galara Galwan because it was the presence of Chinese troops in the area claimed by India, which New Delhi alleged was trying to change the situation in Delhi.

A day later, the PMO issued a statement saying that this was a misinterpretation of his remarks in some quarters. It also portrays China’s efforts as an attempt to violate

On the other hand, the June 17 MEA press note on the phone call states that the Chinese side has tried to form a coalition in the Galvan Valley on our LAC side.

According to official sources, the statement on the LAC side means that the Indian side of the LAC is but not far from the border.

We hope that the Chinese side will sincerely pursue the understanding of understanding between the foreign ministers to ensure peace and tranquility in the border areas, which is essential for the overall development of our bilateral relations.

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