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Odashmari is a gift from nature

Odashmari is a gift from nature

Introduction: - Odashmari field sticks are found everywhere. In Odisha, it is called Agara or Nipania. It is called a thorn in the flesh because it has thorns all over it. It is also a type of leaf that blooms spontaneously in the thorny, flowery leaves. It is yellow and golden. The leaves of this tree are raised out of the yellow milk of the golden color. That's why it's called golden milk.

In Bengali it is called Sial Thorn, in Hindi Firingi Dhutura, in Satyanam and Sanskrit it is called Golden Khirin, Hem Kshir and Shrigal Kantak.

Properties and Dharma: - It is described in Arbeda Shastras as Tik Rash, B Rechak, Baman Kark and Kaf, Worm, Leprosy, Blood Bile and Bish Dos. It is a popular medicine for sore throats. It is a life-saving medicine.

                       In the spring, when the tree is ripe, the tree is collected with the roots, dried, and kept in a closed container for six months.

Agra application in various diseases: -

Throat: - Sprinkle the roots of the agarwood with a small amount of 15-20 drops of water in a teaspoon of water and mix it with water. Must be cured in 4/5 days. (Laxman Mishra)

All types of skin diseases: - It would not be an exaggeration to say that all skin diseases such as Kachchu Kundia, magic etc. Applying oatmeal to rasi or mustard oil can cure all skin ailments.

Magic(All body spots) : - Spit as good as your spit. Agra is also a purifier. Applying Agra Cherry for a few days can help prevent the spread of magic.

Injuries to the penis: -Generia, syphilis, the cause of which is not 'wound'. Applying Agra Cherry to milk makes it easier to get better.

Kachchu Kundia: - It is best to apply a combination of agar seeds and turmeric together in a few days. Extracting oil from agar seeds and applying that oil cures magic, scabs, scabies and scabies.

White leprosy: - One liter of oatmeal leaf juice, one liter of pomegranate leaf juice, one liter of pregnant cow urine, two liters of pomegranate leaf per year in two liters of black oil, massage the oil twice a day and the leprosy recovers and returns to the former form of the skin.

Leprosy: - Leprosy can be cured by boiling the stalks of this tree and cooling the well and adding honey to it.

What nails: - What nails are applied to this plant's yellow milk in a few days.

Indigestion: - Indigestion worms can be cured by boiling oatmeal leaves in water and drinking honey in that quarters.

Child's worms: - Adding five cloves of 1 clove of the roots of the agar tree and drying the batik five cloves leaves the feces and it is very tested.

If there is a "wound" on the child's head: - If the agar seed is chopped hard and put in a bowl, it will dry out in three or four days, no matter how big it is and any "wound".

Odash Nipat: - The Odashmari leaves the bed in the bed, which is called Odashmari, and the Odashis leave the bed. Putting basil with oatmeal yields even better results.

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