Manogyam AB Roller 01 Plastic Abdominal Double Wheel Ab Roller Gym (Multicolour)

  • The ab wheel features two non-skid wheels joined to a solid metal bar for safety and stability. Many other wheel exercisers require users to balance on handles extending from just one wheel.✅
  • Double wheel abs roller has revolutionized its design with rubber covered wheels for extra safety. It is specifically designed to use at firming oblique's and abdominals including shoulders, arms, back and abs.✅
  • Keep your back straight when using the wheel to avoid potential back injury. Do not roll out further than your strength allows gradually work up to a full roll-out and higher reps.✅
  • The dual wheel ab roller requires minimal training to use. Start on hands and knees, grasp the handles, and roll the wheels forward and back across the floor..✅
  • You will increase the work done by your core abdominal muscles. When you reach your maximum rollout distance, reverse the movement and roll back up to the starting position..✅

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