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Bls International Share Price

Bls International Share Price

The BLM Fund's investment objective is to provide Share Price a high level of current income with an emphasis on long-term growth. To achieve this, the fund will invest in shares of publicly traded companies that have market capitalization of more than $1 billion. Such companies are expected to hold a significant Share Price of the respective markets and to engage in activities that can be characterized as "going concerns". For example, we expect that some of these stocks may trade at a discount or be subject to lock-in periods. Since most of our holdings are small cap, large company stocks, it is not necessary for us to purchase many shares on a daily basis.

Most of the time, however, we will enter into securities or exchange traded products through which we may purchase a number of shares on a regular basis. We do not intend to liquidate any positions once they are purchased. As the amount invested by shareholders grows, so too does the potential return of such shares held by the Fund.

Bls International Share Price
Bls International Share Price

We do not assume a duty to redeploy the funds as the price of these shares may change over time or otherwise deviate from their original value, but instead intend to continue to maintain those shares during the holding period in so far as possible. There is no assurance that any particular security will attain a specific valuation or performance over time, therefore you should not be guaranteed a profit if your investment in any BLM Fund stock falls below its intrinsic value. In addition, this information should not be used as tax advice. Please consult a professional accountant, CPA, financial advisor, attorney, or similar for advice regarding your individual situation. The total amount of the principal amount of each fund and its interest and redemption requirements will be included with every distribution of any Fund.

The Funds do not offer dividend income, except for certain distributions paid by the Boards of Trustees based on overall performance over a defined benchmark period, which generally ranges from six months to three years. If we distribute any portion of our dividends to shareholders in connection with the payment of quarterly payments to all shareholders in arrears, including distributions that would ordinarily be payable upon the occurrence of specified events (including death, disability, or other causes), then we will be deemed to have utilized the net asset value of our portfolio in determining such distribution and therefore will classify these amounts as ordinary interest income.

This amount will be added back or reduced by our earnings and profits. However, the ultimate purpose for distributing any part of our dividends in excess of our net asset value is to pay out a distribution that does not exceed our net asset value per share (NAV) for such period of time. Therefore, if this NAV is less than zero, distributions by the Funds in excess of this NAV will constitute a taxable event and will reduce the available assets of the Funds.

The values of our investments in the various BLM securities for a single transaction cannot necessarily be assumed to be accurate reflections of their true trading values. Our ability to predict accurately the Share Price at which BLMs are bought and sold (often with short buying and selling spreads) is limited and actual results may vary. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that any sales will close when intended or at all (if at all). Changes in conditions in the credit and equity markets can affect the performance of the funds and therefore may cause Fund performance to differ significantly from what was previously anticipated.

When considering the nature of the risks that investors are exposed to when investing in the Funds, the Funds evaluate each issuer's risk management practices using a rigorous process that considers various factors and then utilizes a weighted average methodology to produce an overall fund performance rating. While the evaluation of these and other relevant factors demonstrates that the Funds are currently well-managed, they cannot ensure that future results will be consistent with previous performance or that they will achieve levels of income or returns comparable to prior allocations.

Future performance, therefore, is inherently uncertain and the distribution of these shares cannot be guaranteed. The final determination of a shareholder's fair market value may differ from the estimate of value used in computing such fair market value, and the use of hypothetical accounting methods could result in greater gains or losses for some shareholders than others.

These Funds are distributed by SEI Investments Distributors LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Investment return and related assumptions for each fund are provided by SEI Investments Distributors LLC. The terms and principles for managing and investing mutual funds are provided by SEI Investments Distributors LLC, which has been authorized under Delaware law to make such recommendations. Before making a decision to invest in any fund, please carefully consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. For further details, please visit Investments are subject to market risks.



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