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Russia threatens not to resume gas supply via Nord Stream 1 if the West does not lift sanctions.

Russia threatens not to resume gas supply via Nord Stream 1 if the West does not lift sanctions.

The Kremlin has categorically rejected any attempt to blame Russia for the indefinite suspension of gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream gas pipeline, and has blamed the West for blocking the infrastructure's operation. You don't pick them up. Russia threatens not to resume gas supply via Nord Stream 1 if the West does not lift sanctions.


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Nordstrom gas pipeline facilities in Germany REUTERS/Hannibal Hanske


Russia threatens not to resume gas supply via Nord Stream 1 if the West does not lift sanctions.


The problem of pumping was caused by restrictions imposed by companies in our country and by Western countries including Germany and the UK. "There are no other reasons that cause problems for pumping," Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Kosovo said. Nord strom gas pipeline facilities in Germany REUTERS/Hannibal Hanske.



"We see continuous attempts to blame and blame ourselves for what is happening, we completely reject these attempts and the West is responsible for reaching this state," he said in his daily press conference. Russian Sanctions Causing Inflation,


Oil leak in a turbine


Putin's spokesman pointed out that only one turbine is operational and remains with a fault with brakes, which lead to the shutdown of the pump.


To maintain this restriction, they create a complete legal and practical disorder in all the work related to the technical service of the equipment and the installation, because until now it remains to believe that this single turbine can be started.


A Russian gas consortium announced on Friday that it has completely suspended the flow of gas to Europe through Germany due to an oil leak found in the turbine of the only compressor station that the European Union (EU) has branded. Badness" and further evidence that Russia is not a reliable supplier.


Regarding the possibility that Russia will cut off oil supplies to the West after the G7 agreement to cap Russian crude prices, Kosovo said it would not be a preventive measure. He made it clear that this will always be a reactive measure. Nord strom gas pipeline facilities in Germany REUTERS/Hannibal Hanske


Earlier, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Nova k warned that Moscow would cut off oil supplies if a cap were imposed on Russian crude prices.



There is a threat of explosion at the Gazprom unit


The Russian gas company Gazprom has once again justified the cut of the supply by Nord Stream 1 due to "risk of fire or explosion" in the unit. The leak of oil in a turbine of the only compressor station still in operation, in Portrayal, would cause an accident if the operation of this gas pumping unit continued, explains the Russian company in a statement.


It should be noted that the working surfaces in the axial compressor of a gas turbine engine at the passenger point of the cable connection can reach a temperature of more than 300 degrees Celsius, while the burning temperature of the oil is about 288 degrees, warns Gazprom, which also justifies that "according to a letter from Siemens, Oil leaks can be repaired by a specialized repair company."




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