Isabel II the pillar of a monarchy in good health that enters a change of era with Carlos III


Isabel II the pillar of a monarchy in good health that enters a change of era with Carlos III


During the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, 62% Brits thought the monarchy would continue.

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Queen Elizabeth II's death on Thursday at the age of 96 marked the end of an era During this 70-year reign, both Britain and the world underwent enormous changes, to which the British monarchy had to adapt.


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The British monarchy had to open up to the world and has been the leader in opening up to the world Isabel II is the heir to a ceremonial monarchy attached to the pump, which showed an unusual closeness to the British people during World War II, said Francis, director of the Winston Churchill Observatory at the Pontifical University of Camilla’s. During the reign of Elizabeth II, the monarchy had to modernize, and modernization meant television, the disruption of mass media, its humanity. Even more critical scrutiny by British society He said that the monarchy has to become a more transparent institution.


Experts agree that during her reign, Elizabeth II struggled to maintain the image of a model family, but that other members of the family "did not fulfill what is considered the traditional role of the royal family." Freelance journalist Martin Roberts. Isabel II, the pillar of a monarchy in good health that enters a change of era with Carlos III



Symbolic role of monarchy


In the UK, the King is the head of state and is constitutionally bound to follow the advice of the British government. His main functions as head of state include appointing the Prime Minister and the other ministers who make up his cabinet, opening new sessions of Parliament, and passing bills approved by the British Parliament into law.


Each month the monarch also presides over monthly meetings of the Privy Council to pass his orders, and - in addition - regularly makes other appointments, such as senior judges.


The role of the monarchy in the United Kingdom as a constitutional monarchy is symbolic, but it has an extraordinary presence of authority, a result of the determined reign of Elizabeth II and the last British monarchs knowing how to maintain that moral authority. Related to the institution, notes Francis The king has a constitutional role that may be similar to that of other European monarchs, but let's say he has that gravitas, that authority that makes him an element of almost universal consensus in British society, he explains.


The UK does not have a codified constitution, so it is governed by usage and custom and everything depends on precedence. It is not as defined as in Spain, where the constitution explains what the king does "What matters in the UK is tradition and precedent and the Queen's intervention is symbolic," he said.


The British constitution stipulates that the king should meet with the soon-to-be prime minister and ask him to form a new government. This often happens after a general election, but it can also happen, as with Liz Truss and Boris Johnson, when a leader resigns.


As we saw on Tuesday, it was a formality for Boris Johnson to go to Balmoral Palace to present his resignation. The British journalist pointed out that Queen Liz asked Truss to form the government and it was only a formality.


Saiz Francis elaborated that the monarchy in the United Kingdom is very nice and not involved in politics. A king reigns, but does not rule. He said that the king appoints the government and the government acts on his behalf. At such a recent milestone in British history as the 'Brexit' referendum, no one can say that Elizabeth II has somehow gone wet.


In this sense, TV journalist Anna Bos confirmed that in the past King Carlos III has given an opinion and got involved where he shouldn't be. There was a case of the reformation of an old barracks in London which he said he did not like. He brokered a Qatar project, which Parliament told him: 'Your Highness, stay away. These are London City Council issues 'bosses' It's not that he can step over ponds, it's that he's already stepped over some ponds.


The term of office of the British Prime Minister officially begins after the meeting of the British Monarch. During her 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II has appointed 15 prime ministers.


Isabel II's popularity was far greater than that of the monarchy


The argument that Britain should abolish the monarchy and become a democracy is the frontier of political debate in the country. As an institution, the British monarchy retains a great deal of support from British citizens, although it is the image of Queen Elizabeth who enjoys great popularity.


During the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Elizabeth II's 70th reign, in June, 62% Britons thought the country should have a monarchy in the future – compared to 67% in October 2020 – 22% were in favor of the UK.  Going to an elected head of state.


Elizabeth II's reign in ten moments | According to a You Gov poll, support for the British monarchy is strongest among Conservative Party voters and citizens over 65. Only 48% Labor Party voters are in favor of the institution, and it has the lowest support among the British population. 33% were found among young people aged 18 to 24 with support.


"The monarchy is much less popular than Elizabeth II," says Roberts The reference that existed in 1951 (when the Queen came to the throne) no longer exists, it exists about her. "The Queen enjoys more popularity than the institution itself," he said.


For his part, Sang-Francis asserts that the monarchy and Elizabeth II are largely separate today in the United Kingdom up to a certain point. He is the monarchy and his popularity is the popularity of the monarchy.



A real family is not an ideal


Despite Queen Elizabeth II's efforts to maintain the image of a model family, the British royal family has been embroiled in scandals in recent decades, from the divorce of current King Charles III and Princess Diana to the Prince's sexual abuse allegations.  Andrew of England.


Known as Carlos III, the Princess of Wales, who died in a car crash in Paris 25 years ago, and 'Lady Di' announced their divorce in 1996, after both admitted to adultery.


The resignation of Prince Henry and his wife Meghan Marcel in January 2020 from their key roles in the royal family is also a new scandal in the British monarchy. In an interview with one of the most famous presenters in the United States, Oprah Winfrey, Enrique and Meghan accused the British royal family of racism. The last scandal to rock the British Royal House was the sexual abuse scandal that exposed Prince Andrew.


The Queen has made an effort to maintain the image of a model family, but the rest of the family's belongings move to the neighborhood The British royal family has faced serious scandals, the most recent being Prince Andrew and her shady relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, which has left the monarchy and Prince Andrew in an embarrassing situation, Science Francis said. The family army behind Elizabeth II has not always risen to the occasion.


In this sense, Robert shows that the Queen has always been conscious of avoiding corruption and has done so for herself, but not so much for other members of the royal family, and less so in middle society.

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