Get free electricity 24 hours for 25 years Isn't it amazing?

New Delhi, September 11 This year the country was very hot. That made people very upset During this time, the problem has increased due to power cuts Where there is a lot of heat on one side and here the power cuts cause people a lot of trouble Due to excessive use of AC, the electricity bill has also become very high and now the electricity is often cut off during rains In such a situation, you can get rid of high bills and power cuts with the help of green energy You can install solar panels on the roof of your house The government is also helping you for this. Free Electricity .


Get free electricity 24 hours for 25 years Isn't it amazing?

Free Electricity Government gives subsidy

You can easily generate electricity by installing solar panels on the roof of your house For this you are also given subsidy from the government due to which your price is also reduced, so let's find out How much will it cost to set it up and how much will the government subsidize it.

Get free electricity 24 hours for 25 years Isn't it amazing?


Do this first Free Electricity  

If you are considering installing solar panels on your roof, you should first know how much electricity you will need. How many appliances do you have in your home? which runs on electricity If your house is going to run on electricity like 2 fans and fridge, 6 to 8 LED lights, 1 watt motor and TV, then you need 6 to 8 units of electricity per day. You can install 2 kw solar panels on the roof to produce 6 to 8 units per day. In which you will get daily electricity as per your requirement.

Where to get solar panels

You can install solar panels on your home roof from any discom panelist vendor. After that you can also apply for subsidy If you get it installed from a discom-affiliated vendor, you are also responsible for six years of rooftop solar maintenance. Yes

How much subsidy?

Talking about the subsidy, the government is giving you 40 percent subsidy for installing 3 KW solar rooftop panels and if you want to install up to 10 KW solar panels, you will be given up to 20 percent subsidy.

How much will it cost?

Talking about the cost of installing it, if you are installing 2 KW solar panels on the roof of your house, it will cost you Rs 1.20 lakh and you will get 40 percent subsidy on it, which means you will spend only Rs. There will be 72 thousand Talking about its life, the life of a solar panel is up to 25 years You only have to invest once and you will get rid of it for 25 years.

How to apply

1. First of all go to its official website

2. After that click on apply on solar roof

3. It will open a new page, click on the link according to      your state, after that the form will open

4. You have to fill all your information in this form

5. Subsidy amount will be credited to your account        within 30 days of solar panel installation.


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