Those covered by PVPC receive it directly, with an average reduction of 15% power periods.

After applying the compensation, the free contract is increasing to the agreed price.

Those covered by PVPC receive it directly, with an average reduction of 15% power periods.
Those covered by PVPC receive it directly, with an average reduction of 15% power periods.

The so-called Iberian exception has reached the electricity bill and with it the first surprise Two months after its launch, the receipts of those users in the open market, who recently signed their contract renewal, include a new concept that indicates an increase in the final price, which the marketer does not agree with. The difference is such that it can double the price stipulated at the time of the contract, which has angered many customers who complain that they were not informed beforehand.

The first bill that many customers receive with a free contract includes one that did not exist before: the cap price of gas according to RDL 10/2022, according to the compensation, explained to the energy system expert and professor Jos. Luis Sancha Polytechnic University of Comillas This indicates, he adds, that the effective price of the energy in the bill is the sum of the price agreed in the contract and the price associated with this mechanism: we are talking about a price of the order of 0.30 euros per kilowatt hour, which is a significant price, he emphasizes.

Therefore, compensation must be added to any rate currently offered in the free market, which has ranged from €0.10/kWh to €0.20/kWh in the past week. This is a variable price that is not set by the electricity company, but rather is regulated and set daily in the wholesale electricity market. People don't know it or don't know it and now they have a new word that increases their bill by 30 or 40 euros and raises eyebrows.

Dissatisfaction among users

The truth is that electricity companies are not required to break this new term into bills, although some companies are including it to provide more detailed information about what consumers are paying. They are obliged to inform their customers at the time of the contract.

They point out that there's a cap on gas in the small print and it's not obvious to a large percentage of consumers, said Ruben Sanchez, general editor of FACUA-Consumers in Action. He added that there are consumers who tell us that they have not received any communication from their electricity company that their rates have been changed as the contract year ends. In that case, yes, refund of difference and gas cap can be claimed, they manage from the association.

Specifically, it affects all electricity market contracts listed on the wholesale market, or with a fixed price and effective date after 26 April 2022, regardless of their marketer. But what about other contracts?

The measure does not affect previously agreed contracts

In the case of consumers by the free market, but with a contract before that date, they will not be affected At least for now, as they will notice it gradually as they automatically renew or extend the contract every 12 months.

For PVPC customers, the gas cap on the bill comes "straightforward", the professor explains, with "an average 15% reduction in energy consumption within the first two months of cap application".

Just this Wednesday, Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transitions and Demographic Challenges Teresa Ribera reported that the move approved by the European Commission allows Spain to set a cap on the price of gas used to generate electricity. About 22 million euros per day In total, 1,383 million euros at this time And it is beneficial for domestic and industrial users, companies and families, he said.

Regulated or Free Market: Which to Choose?

Keeping this issue in mind, experts suggest that they analyze their electricity bill and try to understand it. "It's important to first understand if you have a regulated rate or a free rate," says Sancha. In this sense, experts point out that adjustable rates have their drawbacks, but consumers know what to expect because everything is completely clear.

They also note the importance of reading the electricity bill carefully to identify possible additional costs that the company is charging. And above all, when it comes to renewing a contract or changing companies, "compare between different marketers and choose what's convenient for them," he concludes.

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