Iberia Express has cancelled eight flights in the first day of the cabin crew strike.

Iberia Express has grounded eight non-minimum service flights on the first day of a strike called by the USO among cabin crew (TCP).

Iberia Express has cancelled eight flights in the first day of the cabin crew strike.
Iberia Express has cancelled eight flights 

The flights cancelled by Iberia's low-cost subsidiary are four round-trip routes connecting Madrid with Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Santiago and Seville.

The company indicated that it will operate 99 flights this Sunday (92.5% of those scheduled), all included in the minimum service, on the first day of 10 batches of strikes called by the USO among more than 530 Tcs. Salary

84% affected passengers have been evacuated.

Of the 1,100 passengers affected by this Sunday's cancellations, 84% have already transferred to other flights or alternative modes of transport and the remaining 16% have requested a voucher, ticket refund or are pending to choose the best option for you the company reported.

Ruben Ramos, the USO representative at Iberia Express, explained to the media that they are ready to call off the strike if the company commits to a 6.5% salary increase in 2021 and to strengthen it for the future.

He also termed the cancellation of eight flights not covered by the minimum service as a "dirty" maneuver by the airline as it denied crew members the right to strike.

In fact, USA union representatives have announced that Iberia Express is being sued in a labor inspection to enforce TCP. Ramos said the company has sent emails to workers to confirm whether they are willing to take certain flights, which the union considers completely illegal and cannot be allowed.

Iberia Express confirmed that they did not commit any violations as they respected the workers' strike and complied with the current law. The company acknowledged that they sent some emails to TCP to see if they were willing to operate some flights, but it was sent after the minimum services resolution.

Similarly, the company clarified that the USO guarantees that wages are frozen for seven years and that it is not true that the current contract contemplates "wage changes every two years." On average, there has been a 20% increase in the collective area of ​​TCP over these seven years, they explained. He said the union's demands were "unreasonable" and would cost more than 26%.

While the CCOO recused itself from the call and signed an agreement with the company, the agreement stipulates that Iberia Express will pay an advance payment of 1,350 euros to all crew members and 950 euros to TCP as per the agreement. percent of wages.

Twelve flights have been cancelled due to the strike at Easy Jet

On the other hand, twelve flights were cancelled on Sunday, four at Barcelona airport and eight at Palma de Mallorca due to the easyJet pilots' strike.

These cancellations bring the number of flights suspended this summer to 87 at the companys different bases in Spain Barcelona,Palma and Malaga due to the pilots' protest. The monitoring of the strike, according to the Sepla in a statement, is 100, with maximum respect for minimum services.

Pilots at this British airline have demanded their pre-pandemic salaries be returned, as the company has been operating with flight levels similar to those before COVID-19. In addition, they protested because, six months after the second collective agreement, the company rejected three proposals presented by the union to restore working conditions, and they have had no contact for two weeks.

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