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Enrique Gatto: Tado Jones combines Spielberg and Bruguier.

Enrique Gatto: Tado Jones combines Spielberg and Bruguier.

Enrique Gatto: Tado Jones combines Spielberg and Bruguier.
Enrique Gatto

Tado Jones combines Spielberg and Bruguier. Five years after Secret of King Midas (2017), Tado Jones returns to the theaters with his most spectacular and fun adventure yet. Tado Jones: The Emerald Tablet, in which Sarah, Jeff, Belzoni, and Mummy are back, though we'll be back, too. Meet many new characters It opens in theaters on Friday, August 26 We spoke with director Enrique Gatto and voice actors Michelle Jenner, Alexander Jimenez and Jose Carbachoh.

We asked Enrique Gatto if this is the definitive version of the character, which was born from his imagination 23 years ago: it could be, because with the previous films I always had the feeling that as much as we got, we always lacked one more step. And with The Emerald Tablet, I think we've made a huge leap in quality, especially at the level of the script, the new addition of characters and how much bigger the movie looks than before. Yes, it could be that this is Tado's complete vision of all that has ever existed.

Still Tado Jones 3. Table Emerald
Still Tado Jones 3. Table Emerald

An Egyptian sarcophagus in a Mayan temple

At the beginning of the film, Tado Jones will find an Egyptian mummy in a Mayan temple in Mexico, sparking an adventure that will take the archaeologist from Mexico to Egyptian, via Chicago or Paris. It took us more than two years to come up with a good idea, admits Enrique Gatto Until it happened to us to join the Egyptian world and the Mayan Inca world That an Egyptian curse fell on an Inca mummy.

At first this new mummy was going to be a male character he adds, but we realized that a female mummy, a diva, who is our Ra Amon Ah Ramona, was better. And that she has that class conflict with Mummy, since Ramona only considers Egyptian mummies to be authentic. That interaction between the two works really well and is one of the funniest things about the movie. For me, Ramona is the great character of the new additions, and of the NT film.

Enrique tells us how the research on these mummy went There have been many studies that attempt to explain why the Mayan and Egyptian cultures, which are separated by so many thousands of kilometers, had so many . As they built pyramids, worshiped the sun, wrote hieroglyphics, or mummified the dead on those bases, our imaginations are fired, and from there comes the powerful image with which the film begins, that Egyptian sarcophagus in a Mayan pyramid. Something that makes no sense and will lead to the curse of Egyptian by our beloved Inca mummy.

Tado Jones wants recognition

As for Tado's greatest inspiration in this new adventure, Enrique tells us. He seeks the recognition that was denied him in previous adventures, in which he discovers incredible things, but he cannot tell anyone. That's why he's a bit desperate, a frustration he shares with other characters in the film, like Victoria Moon, a young woman exploring the spirit world, or Ramona, who's frustrated because she's only Pharaoh for a few hours before she's killed. and killed. Erased from the history books That search for recognition is what drives almost all characters.

Note that women are gaining prominence in Saga It's something we've been looking for, Enrique says In the first part only Sara acted, in this film we have found a balance between male and female characters And that enriches the film a lot You only need to look at the character we were talking about, Ramona.

We asked Enrique if he had any contact with Indiana Jones producers Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. With the first film we had a meeting with their representatives to come up with an agreement that would allow us to bring the character forward, as the similarities between them are obvious. But deep down they don't have much to do with each other, as Tado's is a completely unrelated universe and they share a last name. But yes, Spielberg and Lucas know Tado exists and has a place in the movie world.
Tado Jones 3.
Tado Jones 3. 

Superlopez was the origin of little Tado

As fans of Bruguier's comics, we asked Enrique Gatto what Tado is to Jean Superal or Mortadello. He admits that he is totally indebted to them. Tedo is a combination of these two things Traditional Spanish comics by Spielberg and Lucas, especially Jan, and the adventure films of the 80s, which for me are great references to the genre.

In fact, he added, you can see a mix between a cover and a classic adventure film in the film's poster.

Curiously, one of Enrique Gatto's first projects was a short film by Superal, a character he still dreams of making into a film. I'll admit it, he admits. Because Superlepez was a bit of Tado Jones's origin It was then that I found out that producer Niko Madji had been trying to make a Superlopez film for several years. And I wrote to him that I want to be a part of it, even if I have to work for free But the film was stuck in transit for 17 years until its release in 2018.

But I was able to show Nico what I was doing and he really liked Tado's sketch that I had at the time. And he told me. Overlap is going to be impossible, but. Why don't we try to make a short film of that little character And Tadeo Jones was born.

Poster for Tado Jones 3. The Emerald Tablet
Poster for Tado Jones 3. The Emerald Tablet

Is the Tado Jones trilogy over?

Many times trilogies are the end of a saga, thats why we ask Enrique if this is the end of Tado. No We have a gigantic drawer full of ideas about Tadeo and we can be making movies indefinitely, and also with a lot of desire, because we feel like it and it has infinite possibilities. But it doesn't depend so much on whether we feel like it but on finding that idea that makes us get going. For this third installment we had a hard time finding the idea of ​​the two mummies, because we couldn't find something up to our expectations. So the future of Tado Jones will depend on us being able to find an idea that is up to the task.

Although mentioning Tado seems synonymous with success, the truth is that it is an expensive and ambitious film and may end up floundering at the box office. We await what happens this weekend in theaters, our hearts are in our hands It is very easy to believe that it will work, but now the situation is very complicated.
Tado 3
Tado Jones 3

Michelle Jenner is Sarah again

As in previous installments, we highlight the voice cast led by the usual Oscar Barberan (Tado Jones), Luis Posada (Mommy), Michelle Jenner (Sara) and Jose Carbacho (Ryu). They are joined by Alexander Jimenez (Victoria), Cecilia Suarez (Agent Ramirez), Tito Valverde (Pick), Ana Esther Alberg (Ra Amon Ah, 'Ramona'), Manuel Burke (Morton) and presenter Iker Jimenez Likewise.

We asked Michelle Jenner how she thinks Sarah has evolved since the first installment ten years ago He has managed to evolve to the top of archeology and in this new installment he has to find Tado, after a setback, what happened to him and why he unleashed a curse. Both will enlist the help of new characters to try to stop that curse.

Michelle highlighted this There are a lot of female characters in this film, very diverse and very strong, which I think is very interesting For example, I would highlight Sarah's relationship with Victoria Moon (Alexander Jimenez), who were friends when they were young and then life took them on very different paths. But when they meet, even though it seems they have nothing in common anymore, they come together again for the common good. In general, the new characters, and the relationships that develop between them, are very interesting.

Regarding their relationship, we asked Michelle Jenner if Sarah isn't the woman for Tado Love is like that Sometimes it seems that people don't fit and don't fit I think they complement each other very well He loves her with her good things and her so many good things And Tedo has a wonderful heart They are both interested in archeology and I think that brings them together a lot.

Mitchell tells us what he will highlight about this third installment I think the film is a qualitative and quantitative leap in all aspects The team has outdone themselves and we have only managed to put the icing on a cake that has taken five years to bake. A cake that is full of work and responsibility. carries That is why it is an honor to be a part of Tado Saga.
Michelle Jenner is back to playing Sana
Michelle Jenner is back to playing Sana

Alexander Jimenez as Victoria Moon

Alexander Jimenez has experience in animation, having been the villain of The Minions, and this time he plays Sarah's old friend Victoria Moon, who investigates the mysteries of the afterlife. She is a bright character and a bit silly, explains the actress Despite the little support she has around her, she has a great point of self-confidence.

Alexander confirmed his relationship with Sarah It was a relationship on hiatus, as they were classmates until university and then drifted apart Victoria abandoned archeology to focus on the study of the occult, which contributed to that separation. The reunion happens because Victoria needs Sarah, and they eventually put aside all their differences, realizing that only together can they achieve their goals.

In the film, Victoria's character is a fan of Iker Jimenez, who plays himself. I also admit to being a big fan of Iker, Alexander I really want to meet him. Alexandra confirmed what she will highlight about this installment of Tado. There is neither good nor evil Everything is not so defined, but all the characters, it's an animated film, full of humanity and you fall in love with them, whether you're four years old or eighty years old.
Victoria Moon Between Two Mummies by Tado Jones 3. Emerald Tablet
Victoria Moon Between Two Mummies by Tado Jones 3. Emerald Tablet


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