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For Women Only Your Computer Usage Could Cost You Your Job

For Women Only Your Computer Usage Could Cost You Your Job


Few would argue that, regardless of the developments of feminism over the previous three decades, female nonetheless face a double popular when it comes to their behavior. While men’s borderline-inappropriate conduct is frequently laughed off as “boys will be boys,” ladies face greater habits requirements – especially in the workplace. That’s why it’s essential that, as women, our conduct on the job is past reproach.


Small Towns and Big States


For proof of the double standard, we want seem to be no farther than Arlington, Oregon, the place Mayor Carmen Kronur-Gronquist was once recalled in a 142-139 vote after the town’s denizens determined that the mayor’s MySpace web page featured photographs of her in lingerie. 



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For Women Only Your Computer Usage Could Cost You Your Job

Although Kontur - Groceries is alleging election fraud and difficult the returns, and even though the mayoral role was once unpaid, no one is arguing that her MySpace web page did her in. For Women Only Your Computer Usage Could Cost You Your Job


Contrast her scenario with that of David Paterson, New York’s new governor. After Governor Eliot Spitz er resigned amid allegations of enticing the offerings of a prostitute, Paterson was once sworn in and admitted that he had engaged in extramarital affairs and that he had experimented with each cocaine and marijuana whilst he was once in his twenties. It appears abnormal that the mayor of a small city in Oregon is being held to a greater popular than the governor of New York.


With Computers, Private Can Go Public


The ethical (so to speak) of the story is that, as women, our conduct have to be impeccable – each on and off the job. Yes, we can have non-public lives, however we unwittingly make these non-public lives public when we boot up a computer, use email, or go online.


To shield yourself in the workplace, the first rule of thumb is by no means to habits private commercial enterprise the usage of your employer’s equipment. You have no proper to privacy, and your agency can have complete get entry to to your document of laptop usage, your Internet history, and your email.

 Resist the temptation to save online, test the news, or surf the Internet whilst you’re at work. Don’t ahead that funny story or motivational electronic mail to your colleagues. And don’t electronic mail your pals or household members.


The 2nd element to maintain in thinking is that the area of interest of the Internet you’ve carved out for yourself the use of your domestic pc is additionally seen to your employer. Increasingly, attainable employers use equipment to display screen job candidates’ presence on the Internet. 


That hysterical YouTube video of you dancing with a lampshade on your head at your excellent friend’s bridal bathe can also stop you from touchdown the job of your dreams. Before making a daring rant on your weblog or importing a questionable image to a social networking site, suppose about the affect it may have on your career.


There’s no arguing that computer systems enrich our lives and furnish us with selections our moms in no way dreamed of. As women, though, computer systems can additionally be our downfall at work. It might also be perfect for guys to test out the Sports Illustrated internet site whilst they’re at work (even the swimsuit edition!), however girls are held to a greater standard… Just ask Carmen Conquistador.




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