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How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts

How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts

The high concern to start your successful running a blog journey is the writing techniques, how you express your views with your reader.

So this guide is to spotlight how to write your first blog post.

During the beginning of my blogging journey, I have realized a lot about what is SEO, how to do on-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

What is Backlink and what factors matter to rank put up in search engine but nowhere it was explained about how to write your first weblog post.

We all know that writing good content is now not enough to gain good traffic, a fundamental source of traffic is through SEO.

How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts

But what if, the new reader clicks to the again button immediately after reading a few paragraphs.

Which in result enlarge the bounce rate and exit rate of your internet site and ultimately increases more possibilities of low organic search.

Hence, this guide is for all bloggers to help them write their very first personal blog post or any post of their very own website.

I will share the best way or process which you should make as your dependancy as the basic checklist to follow whilst writing a blog post.

This Guide, on how to write your first blog post will be divided into few sections as defined below, let me brief about what is blogging.

What is Blogging and is this Worth?

Blogging is a way of sharing your ideas, experiences and getting to know with all needy people and there are two most famous platforms to use for content material management.

One is WordPress and the other is Blogger, know here the proper differences in between WordPress vs Blogger.

Blogging will be a success only if you know how to share thoughts and how much content you should write in your preliminary blog post.

Your website is brand new which has shut to zero traffic and will have no chances of gaining useful site visitors if you don’t know how to write your first blog post.

Many factors play an vital role such as SEO and Backlinks creation however the most important is the content, as everyone says Content is the king.

Well, If your aim is to make some passive profits using your written content than you can also get approve your weblog website by Google Adsense, here are recommendations for Adsense Approval.

You can also share reviews of products or offerings which may generate another passive affiliate income, learn greater here using CJ Affiliate.

Hence earning the usage of Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing can even motivate you more to share content material on the internet world.

Here is our detailed guide, on how to start a profitable blogging journey and hope you got an idea, why you ought to start blogging.

How to Write Your First Blog Post?

Well, before transferring ahead I assume that you are aware of WordPress and its makes use of as WordPress is the most useful content management system.

Around 1/3 of whole content writing people are using WordPress solely but it will ask you a few bucks to invest for purchasing Hosting.

WordPress additionally offers various free plugins, which will automate most of the tasks with WordPress.

If you prefer to start with the free blogging setup you can start with Blogger which is a Google-owned free content material management tool.

But there are some advantages to start with WordPress alternatively of Blogger which I hope you already understood with our above-suggested guide WordPress vs Blogger.

Let’s start with the highlights.

Selection of Topic and Ideas

I assume that you have already determined your Niche as it decides the duration for success in your blogging journey.

Always choose some thing for which you have a large audience to read and discuss. After that, it is a high selection of ideas or Topics to which you would like to write.

If your goal is to lengthy run than chose content which is based on “How to” and “What is”, as this will be searched by means of millions of readers over time.

It is obvious that competition for such posts will be excessive but will tell you the step to overcome that as well, so do not omit this guide till the end.

Selection of Topic and Ideas

Your informative or problem-solving content will be the excellent selection if you want to make long time period passive income and authority of the website.

But if you have chosen the News website or trending news internet site than it will be easy to publish small posts daily however the value of that content will be for a short period only.

So the choice is of yours, as this guide is focussed on long time period sustainability and to help start a quality content material post which will gain organic search effects over time.

Within a Cryptocurrency this time human beings love to read about Bitcoin, how it works, what are legal constraints etc.

As this topic has presently as well as in the future will have more demand to understand and you are focused on at the right time.

So the selection of ideas and Topic will solemnly decide, will you be profitable or not.

Low Competitive Keyword Research

It is another point to consider whilst writing your first blog post, your every post have to be targetted around a specific keyword.

Keyword competition will decide, whether or not you will gain organic search in search engine ranking or not.

Every day hundreds of thousands of content written by bloggers and while looking out for any keyword we have billions of pages available in Google.

First, make certain to create one catchy title which should have your target keyword and you are done.

By default for most of the theme, your title will work as a header tag H1, which ought to have your keyword for best SEO.

Second, write your first paragraph, not greater than 2.0 or 2.5 lines, which should have your target keyword.

Let see, in the above screenshot how I have brought the keyword in both title and first paragraph, it is must consist of the keyword in the first paragraph and title.

Third, Never write any paragraph extra than 2 lines because this finally becomes 4 lines in cellular view and 2 lines in desktop.

Which increases extra user readability and more engagement and will reduce the leap rate and exit rate.

If you are able to retain your person for the first 4-5 paragraphs, you can retain them till 70% of your content.

Fourth, include the equal target keyword in the next four or 5 or 6 paragraphs, which will give crawler a strong signal that your submit is focused on that target keyword.

In between this, if possible sprinkle your LSI key phrases or any other relative keyword which is close to the goal keyword.

Fifth, it is time to create H2, H3, etc tags of the blog post, tries to include the goal keyword in the first few H2 tags and if possible in H3 Tags.

The blog publish can have multiple H2 Tags or H3 Tags, so make sure your keyword have to be at least two-time in the first few header tags.

This time is to Write down all your H2 and H3 Tags, let say I have made around 2 H2 and 3 H3 tags in each, which in end result total 6 sections to write in detail.

How to write your first weblog post

Let say, if you are able to write 300 words in each which in end result close to 1800 Words and create one conclusion at the end for around 200 phrases will make a total of 2000 words.

I assume that initially under H2 tags you have given a few summaries of  50 words will make 100 additional words.

Initial paragraphs are having shut to 300 words will make total to 2400 words now you are above all pinnacle 10 posts average length.

More keywords, more content, good first-class content, and best SEO will make your content the king.

If the key-word is very low competitive will rank in a few days else will take some time but will surely hit the pinnacle 10 ranking pages.

You got content thoughts by reading the already ranking pages, you acquired the title by checking the few of the top 10 pages.

It is not hard as a beginner and I hope I answered most of your questions on how to write your first blog post


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