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The IMA president has said that the country is in the throes of a major infectious disease.

The IMA president has said that the country is in the throes of a major infectious disease.

According to the Indian Medical Association, the coronavirus infection in India has affected more than one million people. The IMA estimates that the number of cases of coronary heart disease in the country has deteriorated. Speaking to news agency ANI, IMI Hospital Board of India Chairman Dr. V.K. The incidence of coronary heart disease is on the rise, he said.

The number of new infections is increasing by more than 30,000 every day. It simply came to our notice then. Although there are many reasons for this, in general it is now spreading in rural areas which is a bad sign and it shows sectarian strife.

According to the latest data from the Union Ministry of Health, the total number of infections in the country has reached 10,37,718, while 3,578 of the country's various covidi special hospitals are being treated, of which 426 are being treated for coronary heart disease. To date, 4,53,951 people have been infected. To date, a total of 27,243 people have died.

Dr Monga said the coronavirus infection had spread to both cities and villages where it would be difficult to control the situation. Although they have been able to manage the infection in Delhi, it has raised concerns in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa and the interior of Madhya Pradesh.

It's very important and the state government needs to take full care and seek the help of the central government to control the situation, Monga said. So far, 1.36 crore 33,092 samples have been tested in 45 government and 36 private laboratories across the country. It's a contagious disease that spreads very quickly, he said .

There are only two options for treating the disease. First of all, 90 percent of the population will be infected, and the others will be at risk, Monga said. He said India would soon start testing two indigenous vaccines.

Concerned neo hippies and their global warming, ill tell ya.

In the Badamba block of Cuttack district, the state government and the district administration are taking drastic measures to break the coffins of the corona infected. However, locals, including the administration, are worried about Saturday's incident. The question is, who will be blamed if the educated and the conscious sit down and make mistakes?

According to the report, two unidentified migrants from the block came to their homes in Bhubaneswar to undergo a self-examination in private. In the meantime, however, they have come in contact with someone, including family members, and not only has the possibility of multiple infections caused concern for the administration, but the general public has expressed intense dissatisfaction with the incident in various quarters, i.e. the big one.

The intelligence passed to Hussein provided information on a number of cases of domestic violence and self-immolation.

On the other hand, those who come in contact with this highly sensitive disease and try to cover up the incident directly or indirectly, take action in accordance with the exemplary law and prevent such a recurrence of such incidents.

One of the two corona victims was identified as a returnee from Bangalore in Badamba town and another from Pune in Telenia village in the block. Dr Bishwanath Adek, a local medical officer, said steps had been taken by the health department to send the two infected people to Covida Hospital and that 126 people had been self-examined in Badamba today.

Badamba Video Utkal Ranjan Acharya, Tahsildar Anil Kumar Patnaik expressed deep concern over the incident. Especially with such vigilance, such a hidden incident could be one of the causes of group infections, he said, noting that at least the self-examined private hospitals and affected families should not be forgotten.

In view of the situation, all the members of the families of the two victims and those who came in contact with them immediately came to the quarantine center and advised the concerned sarpanch to come to the quarantine center and be in custody, he said. If the families of the victims do not cooperate, legal action will be taken, he said.

Aishwarya has difficulty breathing, Aradhya has a fever; The hospital went from home to quarantine.

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her daughter Aradhya, who were at home in quarantine after being infected with the coronavirus, were rushed to hospital on Friday. Both have been admitted to Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai. On July 12, both had positive symptoms, but had no symptoms.

As a result, both homes were in quarantine. But on Friday both were admitted to the hospital due to complications in breathing. Earlier, Aishwarya's husband Abhishek Bachchan and father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan Karona were infected and are being treated at Nanavati Hospital.


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