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In the first three months of this year, more than 700,000 new customers were added Jio in Odisha.

In the first three months of this year, more than 700,000 new customers were added Jio in Odisha.

According to the latest mobile subscriber data released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRI), Reliance Jio has continued to dominate the Odisha market in March 2020 by adding more than 1.9 lakh new customers.

Reliance Jio, which had the highest number of customers and the highest revenue share in the state in December 2019, has added more than 700,000 new customers to the market in the first three months of 2020.

Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea have lost more than six lakh users in the last three months, according to mobile customer data released by TRI.

In March 2020, Reliance Jio added more than 1.9 lakh customers as the most preferred mobile service provider in Odisha, while both Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea lost millions of users this month.

In addition to Geo, BS7N8L alone has added 52,000 subscribers this month, while Vodafone Idea has lost 1.83 million and Bharati Airtel has lost 1.07 lakh customers, according to a recent mobile customer data released by TRI.

The total number of mobile subscribers in Odisha has declined by 4,7595 this month. According to TRAI, as of March 31, 2020, Reliance Jio is leading in the mobile market in Odisha with a market share of 1.25 crore, 1,25,15,137 customers and 37.55% customers.

The growing popularity of premium apps such as expansion, Geo TV and Geo Cinema, and the growing demand for "Geophone - India Ka Smartphones" at affordable prices in rural and middle urban areas has led to a rapid and steady increase in the number of Geo customers.

Wine is made by digging holes in the ground No one claimed responsibility for the attack.

Due to the onset of the epidemic and the inaction of the Department of Corrections since March, trade in the Badshahi block of Mayurbhanj district has been steadily declining.

In all of these areas, wine is made from a variety of chemicals and toxins. Wine is made by digging holes in the soil, including forests and riverbanks; Which is more than harmful to health.

During the raid, the Abkhazian and police departments did not have anyone to claim the confiscated liquor and supplies. The smuggling is being carried out illegally in homes in the villages. At a young age, young people are dying prematurely by consuming them every day.

The Badshahi block is under the payroll office. The block with 30 panchayats is the largest in the district. It extends from the foothills of Shimlipal to neighboring Baleshwar.

Although 224 revenue villages have a population of over 2.5 lakh, more than 7 per cent are Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Almost all are below the poverty line, while the number of day-to-day wage earners and traditional traders is higher than the number of farmers.

More than half of them drink alcohol every day. At first, working men drank alcohol in the evenings, but now they have become intoxicated. The winery in the morning and the winery in the evening have become their daily routine.

The winery in the morning and the winery in the evening have become their daily routine. Crowds of people are seen gathering in the winery until late in the morning. While hard-earned money flies behind bars, borrowers don’t even bother to sell liquor by selling household items.

In view of the demand for liquor, there is a government-run local liquor store, six outlets and four foreign liquor shops in the Badshahi block. However, in the case of lockdowns and shutdowns, smuggling is rampant due to shop closures.

In the panchayats of Deulia, Chandanpur, Uthaninuagaon, Shialighati, Paunsia, Durgapur, Jadunathpur, Tangashol, Khanua, Kochilakhunta, Kendudia, Talpada, Jarkani, Pratappur, Bireshwarpur, Sankerko and Nauplad. The liquor is being smuggled into neighboring blocks and districts after the preparation.

In Gaudgaon of Mantri Panchayat and Vidyadharakhunta Sahib of Chandanpur Panchayat, 3/4 of the able-bodied people die prematurely every year. Although there are rules to prevent smuggling and the arrest of alcoholics, it is not actually enforced. The Department of Corrections' complete inactivity proves his record for the past three months.

Alcohol consumption is declining despite the social distance. As a result, they are dying of various diseases. The anti-Karona campaign has also been halted by village women. While the Department of Corrections is working specifically to curb smuggling, the inactivity here feels like they’re in a coma. There is a general demand for the departmental authorities to pay attention.


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