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7 years later both brother & sister met, but they had become husband and wife to each other.

7 years later both brother & sister met, but they had become husband and wife to each other.

In society, such incidents happen from time to time, which shocks everyone. "It simply came to our notice then. Today we are going to present to you something that will feel like the soil has slipped under your feet after hearing it. So you don’t even have any idea what happened.

So let’s find out about the whole incident.

Two brothers and sisters lived in a Brazilian city. When the brother was older, the sister was younger. But for some reason, at the age of eight, his brother left home. But since the sister was so young, she was unaware of her brother's departure from the house or even thought she had an older brother.

Brother T was lusting after his stepmother. A few days later, the mother left her youngest daughter and went somewhere. So the girl was completely grown up with her father. In the course of time, the two grew older. Growing up, the two met again.

But they did not know whether the two were brothers or sisters. When they met, the two were completely unfamiliar with each other. Gradually, a love affair developed between them. They were later married. After a few days together, the girl took the radio as a means to find her mother.

It was also successful. The mother and daughter reunited. It was then that the mother-in-law found out about her missing brother's relationship. She had heard the same story from her husband before, so she was very sad. But she did not give up her husband.

The question in the IAS interview is, what are the things that make boys taller and girls taller?

As you know, IAS, IPS, IFS will ask some questions that 90 percent of people do not know. The question we will ask you today is asked in a test or in an interview.

After listening to the question, you will not move it in the negative direction because the answer to the question is very simple. The question is, what makes boys taller and girls taller? About 99 percent of people do not know the answer to this question.

So let's explain the answer to a simple question that you suddenly fail in an exam without applying your present intelligence in an interview.

The IAS test is one of the most difficult tests in the country. Candidates have to pass the IAS interview after passing the IAS exam.

In the IAS interview, some experts interview candidates who show their best knowledge and use the available intelligence to engage themselves in this administrative service and serve the country with the largest administrative job in the country. Let's find out some of the questions and answers from the interview.

Question 1: Which country has the highest economic growth rate in the world? Answer - (USA) USA.

Question 2: Who became the fifth President of India? Answer: Fakurdin Ali Ahmed.

Question 3: Who is the Pink City of India? North-Jaipur is called the Pink City of India.

Question 4: What in the world does not break when it falls? Answer - Rain. It does not break even when it falls.

Question 5: What are the things that make boys taller and girls taller?

Answer- The head of Tilak, which is longer for boys and for girls, is higher. After answering this, the young woman passed the test. You need to focus on the positive side of the question.


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