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You will be amazed to learn of the astringent properties of natural herbs.


 Shubha's other name is Dub. It has a place in Indian tradition. Without dub, good deeds, worship, devotion cannot be done. Lord Vishnu himself said in his face, "I am drowning in trembling." Where thousands of valuable medicines do not cure the disease, they can be cured by a small amount of dub.

The names of Ruduba in various languages ​​are: - Oriya - Dub, Sanskrit - Ruduba, Amari, Amrita, Hindi - Duba, Marathi - Harala, English - Koch Grass, Latin - Cynodon.

Dub: - It is used in coughs, phlegm, bile, blood purification, blood, peace and tranquility, abortion, contraception, insanity and epilepsy, thirst, appetite, vomiting, ghost country, destruction.

Its simple application: -

• Thin diarrhea: - Prepare quatha with a handful of ointment and half a teaspoon of lime in a glass of water. And applying it twice makes it smoother.

• Vomiting: - Dub grass helps in vomiting and stopping. Daily vomiting of rice juice with rice smoke water relieves any vomiting. The vomit is relieved by consuming 7 to 14 ml of honey with 4 to 6 grams of honey.

• Fever: - Malaria can be relieved by adding 5 to 10 grams of lime juice to dub juice twice a 2 day.

• Tuberculosis fever: - Eating turmeric mixed with dub juice in the morning and evening on an empty stomach can spread the disease.

Bleeding from hemorrhoids: - 

• Take 5 grams of oak juice in the morning and basang leaf juice in the evening for a few days.

• Make quatha from Dub Panchang and drink it with milk in the amount of 14 to 28 ml twice a 2 day. The bleeding will stop.

Urinary Tract Infections: -

• Fever, diarrhea, rheumatoid arthritis: - Take 10 to 15 grams of dub grass, satabari alla, juice, add 10 to 15 peppercorns and add 2 to 3 times a day to cure the above diseases.

• Sugar: - Mix all the dub grass, vinegar, watermelon in a bowl of sweet milk and eat it in the morning and evening. Drinking too much water for diabetics is prohibited.

• Urinary incontinence: - Make a quat from Dub Cher and take 14/250 ml twice a day.

• Serve the oatmeal in a mixture of pure milk and water.

• Venus Meh: - Make Samagh Dub, Hair from Tub, Gilmanji, Bal Kumbhi Panchang Mua and Shaibal - Quath from Panchang and drink it in the morning and evening at 14 to 28 ml.

Gynecology: -

• Blood pressure: - Add dub juice and honey for 14 days and drink it.

• Drink white sandalwood and mixed with dubaras.

Fertilization additives: -

• White dub, five peppers with three peppercorns, will be served on an empty stomach in the morning from the fourth to the sixteenth day of the season.

Hemorrhage: - Any bleeding (cut or stopped) can reduce bleeding. Dubras is also very effective in high bleeding. If there is a bleeding in any area, soaking a piece of cloth in dub juice and tying a bandage thereby alleviating the bleeding and diarrhea. Chewing dub, cutting, and cutting in the fields will swell and the wounds will dry up quickly.

For infants: - As a child, he suffered from nasal bleeding. In the case of skin diseases and diarrhea, ointment works.

Tantric application: - Collect the white dub shy cherry on Saturday and fill it with deuria so that it does not cause blindness, pimples, etc. in young children. Ghosts and ghosts are the door to fear. When these depressive adults are born, everything is done.

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