Indian Army ‘Terrorism’ Cleansing Campaign; 108 encounters in 6 months.

Indian Army ‘Terrorism’ Cleansing Campaign; 108 encounters in 6 months.

The army has launched a campaign to clear terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorists are being chased and encountered. Not only that, the army is also keeping a close eye on the terrorists at the launchpad across the border. Chenabani also said they would be cleared as soon as they tried to enter the Indian border.

I the last six months, 108 terrorists have been encountered in Jammu and Kashmir. This was stated by Dilbag Singh, Director General of Police, Jammu and Kashmir.  he said.

Speaking at a function on Wednesday, he said the army, police and security forces had pledged to liberate Kashmir from terrorism. Counterterrorism programs are being taken up every day and the only thing left to do is to end terrorism. The search operation is being launched as soon as the information is received and the emphasis is also on ensuring that normal life is not disrupted.

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