Salman pleads with Sushant's fans to stand up.

Salman pleads with Sushant's fans to stand up.

The death of Sushant Singh Rajput has caused a great deal of controversy in Bollywood. Many Beatown celebrities took to their respective social media handles to mourn his death, yet some people came out and shared that Bollywood did not help the late actor when needed. There have also been reports of his film losing, stress and more.

Net worth star Karan Johar has started threatening Salman Khan and blaming them for Sushant death. Fans of the late actor also trended Justice Forshant Singh Rajput on social media.

Now Salman took to Twitter to ask his fans to stand with Sushant fans. He wrote, I urge all my fans to stand with Sushant's fans, not to use the curse language, but to go with the sentiments behind it. It is very painful.

Salman Khan
 @ Bing Salman Khan

18h A request to all my fans, to stand with Sushant fans n not to use the language used but to go with the feeling behind it. Pls support n his family n stand by the fans stand because the death of a loved one is very painful.

At this point, Voy fans took to social media to support their favorite star They are trending WeStandWithSalmanKhan on Twitter.

Celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Ayush Sharma, Zaheer Iqbal, Shakib Salim, Sneha Ulal and Sasha's Khitta Tan, on the other hand, have left Twitter due to negativity.

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