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Life is a drama, enjoy it.

Life is a drama, enjoy it.

Life is a drama, enjoy it.

Muni Narayan Prasad, a teacher at Narayan Gurukula in Varkala, Kerala, said life was nothing more than a divine divine drama.

Today, the entire human novel Coronavirus is involved in the struggle for life and death of an invisible nature due to its worldwide spread. All life, of course, ends in death It could be today or tomorrow This could be due to Covid 19 or other reasons Bhagavad Gita verse 2. 27, says Tasmad Aparihari Art or TV Societ Arahasi so there is no reason for you to feel any doubts about the essentials. Enlightened people understand that the beginning and the end of life are through constant birth and death.

Life is a drama, enjoy it.

Narayan Guru imagines it in poetry, Ah! What a great drama! A play can be a tragedy or a joke Either way, experiencing and enjoying is a drama.

Let's face it

Drama is a tragedy, and the character we have in it, the pain that's going to happen, and we'll forget that it's just a drama. Then you need to remind yourself that this is just a drama "It simply came to our notice then Awareness of discrimination gives us the ability to play our part in this war drama that is accompanied by a mindset called slowness. Gita verse 13 . 13, Dhir Tatra na Muhuti says that one of the strong firm minds does not get confused.

Life is a drama, enjoy it.

The World

Slowness is the state of mind acquired by knowledge Thus, with Derrata, with complete self-control, with the desire to go to the state of any du iser khad, let us face this world with Micro Enemy Covid 19.

Life is a drama, enjoy it.

In the face of an incompetent enemy, the usually applied battlefields retreat and hide in impossible areas for the enemy. These hairstyles have proven to be the best in the field right now The names given to them now are social distance and shelter in place.

Life is a drama, enjoy it.

What we need on our part is to be patient with ourselves Also, don’t worry about the future and do what the present moment needs from us with a firm mind. You should not worry about the results It could be the cause of total destruction or it could be our victory.

Life is a drama, enjoy it.

What we need every moment is an awareness of the nature of life, an awareness of how uncertain our lives are. This awareness gives us the courage to face any crisis and it keeps our minds calm and firm.

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