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China is now worried about Prime Minister Modi’s move, warning India.

Not only the United States and India, but also all countries, including Australia and Japan, have launched an offensive against China on the basis of economic power.

Tare signs of geographical change in the world that could present a challenge to China. China also understands these signs, and that's why it's being discussed in the local media.

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump proposed expanding the G-4 to include India, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi also responded positively.

In a telephone conversation with Trump, Modi said in a statement that Modi praised his foresight and creative spirit and said such a forum needed to be expanded with the reality of the Covid-16 world.

The G-4 is one of the seven largest and most advanced economies in the world, including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Now Trump wants to expand it to G-9 or G-12. Chinese media have reacted sharply to India's entry into the G8. The Global Times, a spokesman for the Chinese government, said India was playing with fire by airing the G-4 expansion plan.

According to the Global Times, the idea of ​​expanding the G-9 is a geopolitical equation, and it is an attempt to stop China.

The United States is not only with India because it is the fifth largest economy in the world, but also an important part of the United States' Indo-Pacific strategy. The United States wants to strengthen India to prevent China in the Indo-Pacific.

India's enthusiastic approach to Trump's plan is not surprising," the Global Times wrote in its editorial. India has long sought to be a part of the world's top international organization in the pursuit of power.

Amid the bitterness between India and China on the border in the recent past, India also wants to send a message to China in support of the US G-9 plan. Many Indian strategists say India should be closer to the United States to increase pressure on China.

China’s relations with Australia have also been bitter since the corona epidemic. When Australia demanded an international investigation into the coronavirus epidemic, China was outraged and took a number of steps that were financially damaging.

 India, on the other hand, held a virtual meeting with Australia on Tuesday, focusing on increasing cooperation in all areas, including trade.

 As a democratic country, India and Australia understand each other’s approach to regional and global affairs, officials said. The meeting between Australia and India is crucial given the dissatisfaction with China in many parts of the world.

India's strong partnership with all countries in the world, including the United States, is also hurting the Chinese media. India's attitude towards China has changed since Modi came to power for the second time, he wrote.

Chinese newspapers also report on Trump's visit to India. The newspaper writes that during Trump's February visit, he discussed increasing global strategic partnership, including India and the United States.

This means that India is ready to help the United States implement its Indo-Pacific strategy. In return, he sought the help of the United States in world power and other plans.

Senior officials from India, Australia, Japan and the United States, as well as New Zealand, South Korea and Vietnam, held a teleconference in March against the background of the corona epidemic, according to the Global Times.

 India has been instrumental in organizing the meeting, although it has been claimed that it is on the Karona issue, with the intention of presenting the delegations of the four countries as an institution and expanding it to New Zealand, South Korea and Vietnam.

It is true that India is active in many US plans to target China, the report said. But if there is no reduction in China’s power and its global status after the epidemic and the fall of the United States, India is less likely to stand with the United States to prevent China.

 It is a small group of Indian strategists and policymakers who have a negative opinion of China. The rise in China and the growing power gap between India and China are fueling India's instability towards China.

The Global Times has reported in the Indian media that Trump's expansion of the G-4 is a geographical equation against China. It also reflects India's strategic thinking towards China.

India's decision on the world's strategic position is completely different from that of China. They feel that Western countries are in a strong position and that they will benefit if they stand with the United States.

The Global Times has warned India that if it joins small groups that see China as an imaginary enemy soon, Sino-Indian relations will deteriorate and it will not be good for India.

Bilateral relations between the two countries have already soured," a Chinese government spokesman was quoted as saying.

Sino-Indian relations are in a position where only the senior leaders can decide the future. Once a relationship breaks down, it will not be easy to repair them.


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